Say yes to the cucumbers

Spring break officially started for me today at 12:30.  Spring break is wonderful…except it’s winter.

This past week was somewhat crazy busy and quite eventful here towards the end of it.   The end of it being today and right now I should be cleaning and doing laundry.

Thursday Luke and I went on a road trip.  Our third road trip together, just me and him.  I don’t know why that’s a big deal to me in my heart, but it is.  Perhaps because it feels like this thing we are doing, just the two of us.  Anyway, we started our road trip around ten in the morning.  I listened to music, he read his hockey program from lasts week game (he will not put it down) and continued to tell me how every hockey player in it is Uncle Mike, he did stop to sing a little here and there.  He finally crashed out around 10:45 and I continued to sing.  It was great travels!

We arrived at my friend’s house and she had plans made for us and I was excited.  She just happened to take me to this makeup store that they have by her house…now, let me stop to say that I’m not a huge makeup person.  Moreover, I’m not really big into “products”.  The only products I have remotely cared about were a few hair products but since I’ve found what works for me, I rarely venture outside what I have.  Anyway, more on that in a second.  First, the  makeup.  So, when it comes to makeup, I like my mascara and I a little concealer just around my eyes and to cover a random blemish here and there, and I like a little tinted moisturizer.  That would be my daily routine.  Now, if I’m going out, it’s pretty much the same except I will add my “smoke” colored eyeliner and a little eyeshadow but again, that’s the extent of it.  I gave up on lipsticks and glosses years ago.  Lipstick wears off too fast and I’m too lazy to reapply and I actually do like the look of the gloss, but my hair ends up stuck in it and that drives me insane.  Recently I noticed my “smoke” colored liner getting quite itty bitty so on my last few trips to Target or the grocery store I checked out the section of the brand and I couldn’t find it.  I kept thinking maybe they were just out but it started to seem bleak and that maybe, that had discontinued it.  Well, they had it at that store and I was so excited.

Now I want to talk about how I was talked into a new product and I can’t believe I allowed myself to be but also how HAPPY I am that I did.  It seems something about my face has changed, and I have noticed these past two winters.  It seems more dry than ever and I even have these small dry patches that feel rough.  Now, because I like things to be easy, I ALWAYS just used whatever lotion I used on my body, on my face.  I have never, ever had a separate lotion for just my face.  This was the first year that I actually thought I needed it but then I would always talk myself out of it because I also don’t like to spend a lot of money, and there’s finding the product and then what if it’s not what I needed and I just wasted money?  But then I was told about this product and oh my goodness, it’s only been 3 days since I started the daily wash and the facial moisturizer and my face feels like a newborn baby’s butt!  Amazing.  The dry patches are gone already!  I think the official name is Yes To Carrots, but then there is also, Yes To Cucumbers (what I bought), Yes To Tomatoes, and maybe one other.  The other best part is it’s all organic!  I’m so glad I bought this and it feels so nice!  Also, the smell is amazing!  (It doesn’t smell like cucumbers!)

I picked up just a few other things, mostly for Luke.  One of the things is this book for his Easter basket and I’m also looking to find a cleaning supplies set for his Easter basket because I think he would really love that.

Luke had a blast playing with my friend’s son and her husband, he was all tuckered and crashed out on my lap around 9:30.  I carried him to bed with me around 11:30 but at 1:00 he woke up SCREAMING BLOODY MURDER.  I was so confused initially, I also thought it was 4:00 am and not 1:00, but he would not stop.  Yes, Luke has woken up crying before but is usually consoled easily and then he might be up for a while or go back to sleep but he almost never cries like that.  Oh man, it was awful and it was even more awful times 100 because I was in someone else’s house!  The only thing that my mother’s instinct was telling me was that he may have had a tummy ache which was confirmed after each giant fart he let out which would then calm his crying for a bit.  Finally!  Two hours later, he stopped crying and was laying on his belly next to me just about to drift off when he sat up and said, “Mommom?”  I asked what while rubbing his back.  He let out two loud farts and fell back on his belly and went straight to sleep.  It made me giggle.  It also made me happy that he was finally content because not knowing how to help him was horrible.  It’s the worst feeling as a mother.

Friday morning we woke up and got ready to head home.  I think we were both missing husband and daddy terribly since he had been gone overnight for work all week again.  I wasn’t surprised when my phone rang around 9:00 am and it was Rob.  I thought for sure he’d be wanting to know when we were heading back.  But it wasn’t EXACTLY what I thought at all because yes, he couldn’t wait to see us but what he also couldn’t wait for was the heating guy to show up because evidently our furnace decided to take a vacation and NOT WORK.

Rob told me to take my time and that the heating guy would be here soon, but we had idea what the outcome of that was going to be.  Oh the joys of adulthood.

So I did take my time a bit.  But when Rob texted me about 20 miles from home saying the heat was running again and all was good to go, I was just ready to be home.  I had barely slept the night before and all I wanted was to relax!  I told him to put the coffee on for me too.  BUT WE WERE OUT OF COFFEE BECAUSE I HAD BEEN GONE ON THURSDAY WHICH IS WHEN I DO THE GROCERY SHOPPING.

Ugh.  Okay, fine.  I’ll get off an exit early and run through McDonald’s for a cup-a-joe and hit the back roads home.  The back roads I’ve only ever driven once.  The back roads that I had no idea the speed limit.  So I’m traveling along, about 10 miles or less from home, sipping my cup o’ joe, wait….are those flashing lights?  AM I BEING PULLED OVER?

YES.  YES, the granny driver who barely drives 70 on the highway is being pulled over for SPEEDING!

I knew it.  Right when I saw the lights, I looked in front of me and there was the sign, 35.

“Do you know why I pulled you over?”

I took a big breath.

“Yes officer, I just saw the sign, I’m on my way home from Indiana, my son was up half the night, my husband called and told me our furnace stopped working, then  he tells me we have no coffee, I got off an exit early just to get this, I’ve been down this road like once before, I’m so sorry.”

He took my information back to the car while I lectured Luke on the importance of speed limits.

He finally came back.  “Today is just a warning.  I believe your story.”  He then says hi to Luke and Luke’s all waving and saying Hi! and clapping.  So funny.

So here I am.  Lots of laundry to get done.  My bathrooms are disgusting.  But I had a great week.  This week I’m looking forward to lot’s of quality time with Luke and myself!

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  1. Nice when they believe your story when it’s the truth! 🙂


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