I’ve always hated corners, all they do is collect dust.

I knew before I had children what kind of disciplinarian I wanted to be.  I also believe that what might work for one child may not work for another so I’m also open to experimenting what is going to work with Luke.  But regardless of all that my plan is to be consistent.  Rob and I talked awhile ago, and for the most part, we agreed on how to start out attempting for Luke to understand things like, not jumping on the furniture, not climbing on the table and so on.  Up until a month ago I was just repeating myself a lot and removing him from situations that could lead to trouble (like him getting hurt) and giving him something else to distract him.  So like I said, about a month ago I attempted the time-out because I had removed Luke from the dining room table for the 16th time and it was obvious he was not getting it.  It didn’t really work.  He didn’t understand and he didn’t know to stay put, but I tried it and then I made the executive decision that it might be a bit early for that.  And then one day I put all the dining room table chairs in the guest room because I couldn’t go to the bathroom without worrying that my child was going to plummet from the table in those 5 seconds and crack his skull open, AND ALSO I WAS JUST DONE.

Here we are two weeks later and he doesn’t do that anymore.  He will climb up on the chairs and sit at the table (which I encouraged) but he does not climb on the table like he used to. SCORE!

But now there’s a new thing.  Just last week Rob and I reorganized the kitchen because it wasn’t how we wanted it and also we are SO TIRED OF BABY GATES.  I curse those DAMN baby gates every time I step over it and I slam my big toe into it.  I’m serious that either one of the baby gates in this house is trying to kill me.  Rob had safety latched every door and drawer in the kitchen except the lazy susans and since we couldn’t find latches for the susans we decided to empty the susans and move things around.  So we did.  And Luke still has his two drawers filled with tupperware for him to play in.  But that’s not enough.  Now he takes out all the tupperware to use the drawer as a step-stool to make him tall enough to reach into the silverware drawer that contains KNIVES.

SO….yesterday afternoon when I returned from a morning excursion with the girls, Rob informed me that Luke had his real first time-out and he definitely understood it.  He had gone into the silverware drawer again and Rob told him to go to the corner.  Rob said he just walked over slowly and stood there.  Rob didn’t really mean that Luke had to stand in the corner all Willie Olson style but that’s what Luke did.  I knew Rob had done the right thing and we began to carry on with our evening until….Luke did it again.  So this time I was here and when he walked over to that corner with his head down my heart about shattered into a million pieces.  He didn’t look back once, he just stood all Willie Olson style again and I’m telling you IT WAS THE WORSE THING I HAVE SEEN.  So I’m standing back by the counter pushing the drawers shut and ABOUT TO CRY when I hear him whimper a bit.  I walked over to him and knelt down so I could turn him around and talk to him about what he did wrong and there were the biggest pools of water just sitting in the bottom of his eyes and I’ll be damned if my ovaries didn’t explode right inside of me it was hurting so bad.

I accept that this is how it’s got to be so that I’m not still doing his laundry and serving him his every meal when he’s 32 but holy hell I did not expect it to affect me so much.  Now if you’ll excuse me I’m going to get the broom so I can sweep up the pieces of my broken heart off the floor.

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  1. awwwwwwww
    it’s SOOOOOOOOO hard.
    I hear ya.
    A friend of mine told me about some book called something like happiest toddler on the block…supposedly some good stuff in it. Of course, I haven’t got it yet…but I’m open to suggestions!

  2. I kind of want to cry just reading that. I HATE punishment.

  3. (But I know what you mean and agree that it’s necessary.)

  4. Michelle

     /  March 8, 2010

    very hard, but stick with it. Do you ever watch SuperNanny? She has good disciplinary advice.

  5. I hear you. We have been repeatedly telling our daughter she cannot throw balls at people or animals. She thinks its funny. Yesterday, she threw one at me and hit me on the forehead so hard I cried. The look on her face was priceless and I’m thinking even though I don’t want her to see my cry, it may have been a good thing for her to realize that that DOES hurt, just like we’ve been telling her.

  6. itsybitsymama

     /  March 8, 2010

    I hear you on this! I try time outs with Ian and his crying, tears, the sadness kills me. I think his time outs are literally 1 millisecond long.

  7. Awwww – poor little dude!!! It must be so hard!! You are totally doing the right thing – case in point – I was in Petco the other day, and I witnessed this little 7 year old girl back talk her mother in such an awful way, that even I wanted to smack her mouth. The mom was basically just trying to keep the little girl close to her, and the little girl stomped her feet and started screaming (and I mean SCREAMING) at the mom. “I DON’T WANT TO STAY HERE WITH YOUUUUUU!”

    What did mom do? Absolutely. Nothing. The girl ran off to the other aisles, while mom kept shopping.



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