Pop Quiz

It’s amazing what some sunshine and fresh air can do for your soul.  Luke and I  have been out everyday on a run, I love watching the wind blowing through his hair.  Today after our run we played outside and soaked up some more rays before heading in for lunch.  He went down for his afternoon nap better than he normally would and I truly believe it’s the fresh air and the energy he gets to expend outside, rather then just the normal running around the house.

So here’s where I will stop and get all cutesy mom on you.  Luke is doing really well with his words, he’s even putting several words together and starting to make sentences!  He even knows somethings that I didn’t even know he knew and when this happens I am a proud Momma for sure!  What we usually do when he points to something or says, “What’s this?”  We tell him what it is and ask him to say it.  Sometimes he says it clear, sometimes he just says something else.  It’s fine, we move on.  There also those times though where we’ll get on a roll and ask him several words we know he can say and mix them in with words he doesn’t know and listen to him repeat them.  It’s fun and CUTE.

Last night we were outside playing as a family but then I came in to start dinner and Rob stayed outside with Luke to play until dinner was ready.  I could hear Rob questioning Luke through the open window on his words and then Luke was silent for a moment….until I heard, “Da?”  And Rob said, “What, Pal?”  And Luke said, “Say…ball?”  And Rob said ball.  Luke then proceeded to quiz Daddy on his words and it was the.cutest.thing.ever.

Taking a break….

So of course, I took this opportunity to play Tickle Monster!

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  1. Jenj

     /  March 31, 2010

    OMG adoreable!!!

  2. OMG. That is too darn cute. Say…adorable!

    And I love those pictures of him!

  3. husband

     /  April 1, 2010

    I knew it would eventually happen, but does he already think he’s smarter than me LOL

  4. Sass

     /  April 1, 2010

    My husband always says he’s solar powered…sunshine and nice weather make a world of difference.

    Luke is such a cutie pie!

  5. ha ha ha, too cute. That first picture of him looks like you majorly pooped him out and he fell asleep on the deck! 🙂


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