• I need to find a hairstyle for this up and coming wedding I’m in and I have no clue.  I am also scared because my cousin told me she is getting married in a town as big as Walnut Grove which leads me to believe that this is not going to be a high end salon and that the email I received last week from my cousin with a request for each of us to bring a picture of the hairstyle we want confirmed that fear.  This means I need something simple but nice.
  • I think that Luke is sick or getting sick and it’s all my fault because just the other day I was thinking about how lucky I am that he has never really been sick.  Never even had a fever.  He’s had a runny nose and a cough but it didn’t slow him down one bit.  Last night about 6:00 he was sort of acting….different and just really slowed down so I got concerned, but then he just climbed up on the couch and started yawning so I assumed he was just tired, and he did fall asleep by 6:45 and he slept all the way through the night until 8:30 this morning.  Now he’s acting funny again and wanting nothing and being whiny and I finally got him to sit in his chair and drink some water.  But now as I’m typing this he’s gotten up and is running and now he’s shooting hoops so I have no idea what is going on.  Mother of the Year, anyone?
  • Garage sale dilemma.
  • I took my books to the bookstore to sell them back.  I got fourteen dollars.  Enough said.
  • I heart the show Parenthood.
  • I think I can add goat cheese or avocado to any meal and I would be completely happy.  Goat cheese is in our dinner tonight.  🙂
  • Too much time on my hands=too much time to think.
  • I need to get some color before this wedding.  I vow to do something about this starting Thursday.  I don’t know why Thursday, sounded good.
  • Luke just asked for a banana so maybe he’s okay after all.
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  1. Anonymous

     /  May 3, 2010

    I love Parenthood too!!!!!


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