You understand, yes?

Last night was the beginning of my summer classes.  I’m taking one for the full fifteen weeks and I’m taking a second class for the last seven weeks.  This is Algebra.  Ugh.  Algebra.  I hate math.  Well, I hate algebra.  I did not hate accounting.  I’ve put this class off since I started my college career.  Six or so years ago when I took algebra, I thought I was taking the course I’m taking now, ah no, I took the pre-algebra course so when I finished that, I thought I was done with algebra forever and I was WRONG.

I hate being wrong.

Last fall when I signed up for classes I signed up for the online algebra class.  Who do I think I am?  Obviously I need a classroom setting for any math course so I apparently had a lapse in judgment there.  So I dropped it.  I decided to save it for summer and also I didn’t want to take two math classes at once, like when I was taking my accounting so here I am.

Yesterday before class I checked to see who my prof would be since when I signed up for the class it hadn’t been determined yet.

Oh dear.  His name was something I could  not pronounce.

So let me set this up for you.

I get to class, sit down and wait.  Not long after in walks this limping 100-year-old man.  For a second, I wonder if it’s a student but no, it’s the prof.

And his glasses are coke bottle like and gigantic.  Then he talks and I cannot understand him.

SON OF A BITCH.  Seriously, this is what I’m thinking because I’ll be honest and say all I’m hoping for is a C in this class, I just want it OVER but I also need to have someone who can really teach me this crap.  And here I am with someone who I cannot understand?  THIS IS NOT LOOKING GOOD.

On another note, and  this is only 10 minutes in, but I’m also thinking;  IN NO WAY WHATSOEVER AM I DROPPING THIS CLASS.

Mr. T, as he wants us to call him because his last name is UNPRONOUNCEABLE, proceeds to fill us in on the syllabus.  While reading this my heart starts to soften a bit because his grading scale is quite generous.  He gives a few options of some things that will be happening over the next fifteen weeks that takes us the first forty-five minutes to decipher but eventually we all get there.

I’m still scared.

Then he starts teaching.  I mean, we might as well get started, right?  RIGHT.

This is when my mind does a complete 180 and I realize that I actually love Mr. T.

But then!  After he shows us a few examples he says, “How bout oneayou come to da board and do, yes?”

Hmmm,  no I’m good.

“YOU, MA’AM!”  He shouts.

No, he is not looking at me.

“YES, YOU!  You come to board, yes?”


So I went to the board and while I walked up there my armpits and butt started sweating profusely.

I will tell you this:  I did not leave class last night not understanding what he covered.  Granted, we are only one chapter in, but he is a really good teacher.  He taught me!

After every excercise he would say, “You underdand, yes?”

Well yes, Mr. T.  I ACTUALLY MIGHT.

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  1. I dropped a college spanish class after 2 weeks with the Jamaican professor. Foreign language + accent from another country altogether = I understand, no.

  2. Sassafras

     /  May 6, 2010

    Awww…I have a soft spot for old people. I hope you continue to understand 😉

  3. A

     /  May 6, 2010

    No way! I saw your tweets last night and I was seriously worried for you. I’m glad that Mr. T (picturing large man w/many chains) worked out on the first night and I hope that it continues to go well!

  4. Anonymous

     /  May 6, 2010

    I laughed out loud so hard picturing da little old man named Mr. T…then MY butt would sweat too if he called me to the board to do math…I hate math, but loved algebra, you can do it!!!!

    I had a prof at PNC for astronomy and I couldn’t understand anything he said for like 2 weeks, I had to try to find what it sounded like he was saying in the book…then, I got it, he speaks so f’ed up I had to mentally prepare for it before class…example…he’d say neGAHtiveNOOMbers (negavite numbers)…I hear your pain, but I laughed AT you to. Sorry, it was AT you. ha ha ha


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