I love algebra

Yesterday I was working on my algebra homework (which I love, hence the title!) and as I’m looking at a problem I’m not understanding right away (but I will understand it later!), my eyes scroll up and I see this passage at the end of the chapter:

Tips For Success:  Affirmations

“Do you ever tell your self and others that you are  not good at math?”

Yes, in fact, I do!

“You can counteract YEARS of negative self-talk by telling yourself with conviction that you are good at math!”

I can?

Here’s what it tells me to do:

1.  Say affirmations that imply that the current event is happening, for example:  “I am good at algebra,” NOT “I will be good at algebra.”

2.  I should say affirmations that make progress towards my desired result, such as, “I am good at algebra and I continue to improve at it.”

3.  I should also say, “I attend each class,” not “I don’t cut classes.”

4.  I should say these with conviction.

So I am.  No, I really am, because I really do want to do this and be good at it because that’s just how I roll.

Whatever works, right?  Even if makes me laugh out loud.  (LOL, right?)

I even wrote myself a little note, in case I forget:

With conviction and everything!

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  1. michelle

     /  May 12, 2010

    I LOVE it! Way to be creative! Cute outfit too!

    You are cute.
    You are good at algrebra.
    You are creative.
    You are my friend.

    • Stacey

       /  May 12, 2010

      Michelle, I’m not as creative as you but you inspire me! I love you! You make me laugh!

  2. husband

     /  May 12, 2010

    I don’t clean mirrors lol

  3. Carol

     /  August 9, 2010

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