Early Bird

I’ve been awake since 4:00 am and still can’t fall back asleep.  When I was about to fall back to sleep somewhere around 6:30, I suddenly heard a ruckus and then a duck quacking.  My first thought was the ruckus sounded like the someone downstairs below me but I was sure I had heard Rob leave, but then I heard it again and then more quacking.

I peeked out the blinds behind the bed and there was a duck on the roof right outside my window.

Early bird gets the worm?  Yeah, I hear you.

I’ve mentioned before on here about my love of birds.  Right now it’s limited to only about five birds in the house but I could see my nest getting bigger and bigger.

I’ve been surfing.   You’re welcome.

These little birds are actually a wedding cake topper, but you can totally put them on a shelf too.  Chirp.

Next is a couple of necklaces that I adore.  And that can be personalized.  Tweet, tweet.

Here is something I would not picture myself loving but when I read how to apply it and how easy it could be, I’m thinking this would be awesome in a future daughter’s room.  Although that has not been determined.

This, well, this says it all.

Finally, this is my favorite and I want, want, want it.  I want it.

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  1. Omigod – I love ALL of these!!! Great finds!!!

  2. Anonymous

     /  May 13, 2010

    I’m not a bird collector and I love love love the love birds 3some:)


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