I’m glad I have a supportive bra

My Uncle’s daughter is in Michigan this week to visit him.  She is sixteen going on seventeen (sing it with me now!) and she makes me feel 100.  Okay, maybe only like 42 and I say 42 because for some reason 42 is my scary age.  And if anyone’s counting, which you shouldn’t be, that’s only 9 years away.  I AM NINE YEARS AWAY FROM MY SCARY AGE.

I have gotten way off track.  I’ve gotten on the old age track and I can’t get off like those stupid rides at carnivals.

Great, this blog has gone from precious babies to being old with an obsession with carnies.

Soak it in.  Soak. It. In.

My Uncle asked me if I would mind taking her to the mall (mind?  The mall is my mothership!) because last time he took her she almost left with nothing, you know, being her dad and all.

So no, I didn’t mind.

We went into Amer!can Eagle and since I’m on a first name basis with the staff it wasn’t uncomfortable at all.  It’s almost to the point where they bring out snacks for Luke while I rummage through their clearance rack.

I  almost convinced her to buy a shirt though that stated, “Rub For Luck” only because I wanted to see the look on my Uncle’s face when she pulled it out of the bag.  But she didn’t.  She laughed, but didn’t buy it.  See?  And he thought I was taking her, no, more like she was taking me!

It was the other two stores though, that made me feel old.  42 old.  It was Ho!!ister and Abercrombie and Naked.  Seriously, there was a swarm of sixteen year olds at the doors and barely clothed at all!  And could I get a little more space between these clothing racks so that I can fit my STROLLER through, please?

Speaking of racks, all I see were 16-year-old perky racks that make my rack….well, WHAT RACK?  Oh wait, there’s a  nipple by my belly button, that must be it.

I did feel cool for about one second when she picked out a skirt and didn’t know what to match it with and I swooped in and picked out a cute shirt that made the outfit and it looked DARLING.  I say darling because that’s what MOM’S say when they pick something out that’s just DARLING.

Send help.  Send anyone.  DO SOMETHING.

I’ll stick to recapping my vacation.  See you here tomorrow.

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  1. Jenj

     /  June 16, 2010

    That’s why I *hate* taking Em… it’s all selfish reasons really oh and the looks she gives me like OMG AS IF!!

  2. I think we all feel old when that happens. Those stores kind of scare me. Then I realize that my kid is going to be 2 — when did I get this old?

    And 42 could be MY scary age, too…wow.

  3. michelle

     /  June 16, 2010

    this is how I feel all summer long! Is it me or are shorts getting shorter? Shirts getting smaller? I’m taking Brittany swimsuit shopping soon, that should be interesting. I know how you felt, for sure.

  4. Sass

     /  June 16, 2010

    I don’t know…you sound much cooler than me! I can’t even go into AE because the music is too loud.

  5. jc

     /  June 17, 2010

    I’ll never forget my last trip into Abercrombie (for myself that is) – I pushed my daughter’s stroller up to the clerk to ask if they carried a particular sweater in an XL!!! I got a funny look for sure…

  6. Kendra

     /  June 17, 2010

    my scary age is 45…aaaaaaaaaggggggggggggghhhhh

  7. I haven’t been to AE in at least 7 years. Probably because nothing would fit. Anyway, hilarious–and so was your kareoke post!


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