Star search? The search is over

After the vent session on Monday, I woke up Tuesday feeling better about life.

I can do it!   It will all be okay!  I’m doing the right thing!

Then yesterday I saw fourteen pregnant women.  They were chasing me down.

Because I pray about that too, that it will happen in good time and it’s not really up to me, and then I see fourteen of them yesterday in all various stages and seriously, are You trying to tell me something?

Rob said it’s because I’m looking for them.

What does he know?  Actually he knows a lot, and even though he can get me fired up when it comes to smelly socks and leaving his dirty plates on the counter, he can also make my heart soar by sending me a text this morning that said:

“Sweetlips, you are not old and your rack is fine.”

He also plays hockey and has the brightest blue eyes I’ve ever seen.

I’ll go ahead and keep that.

Speaking of bright eyes, I went ahead and sang some kareoke this weekend.  Here’s how that went.

Me:  “I can’t sing!  Why would I sing kareoke IN FRONT OF STRANGERS?”

My friend, who is supportive and loves me and on like… her fourth beer, encourages me.

Me:  “Where’s the beer?”

I scroll like a troll through the song list.

Me:  “Oh, I love that song!  I could sing that song.”

Drunk and supportive friend:  “TOTALLY.”

I take a  drink.  Look around.

Me:  “This bar is practically empty!  I’m singing!

I’m so nervous.

I sing.

Before my first song and after a beer, I make sure to announce into the microphone, “I never claimed to be a singer, but I love to entertain.”

The crowd six people cheers and they LOVE me.

Next thing I know I’m in rotation.  Like EVERY OTHER PERSON rotation.

They have to pry the microphone out of my hand after every song.

Then I dedicate Turn Around to my husband because he has the brightest eye’s I’ve ever seen.

The crowd six people cheers again!

I’m on FIRE.

American Idol here I come!  I better be sure Drunk Supportive Friend can fit that into her schedule next year.

I guess I can understand why Monday felt like such a downer after my stardom on Saturday night.

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  1. michelle

     /  June 16, 2010

    your too cute! Love it! I wish I was there to witness it!

  2. Sass

     /  June 16, 2010

    Fantastic! You crack me up.

  3. Jenj

     /  June 16, 2010

    hell to the yes! I will always be your Drunken Supportive Friend! (and you 4got to mention how I called Sweet Lips so he could hear you in all your glory)

  4. Kendra

     /  June 17, 2010

    and the crowd goes wild….all 6 of them…Stacia Stacia Stacia Stacia Stacia…


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