I’m an addict

I do have one more vacation recap post stirring around in my head like a big pot of stew only instead, its words, and it’s all about Luke so I need to be able to have the right amount of time to type it out.

I only really came here right now to tell you that I’m an addict.

I’m addicted to screens.

Pretty much all kinds.

The computer kind, the cell phone kind, the television kind, and even the screen door kind.  If everything was right in the world you’d find me sitting with my laptop, well…..on my lap, while talking on the phone and positioned perfectly in front of a screen door so that I can be all nosy on the neighbors walking by while feeling the wonderful breeze on my face.  Heaven.

In this day an age though, screen doors don’t seem to exist much anymore because no one can stand the heat.  I am one of those people.  Mostly I only can’t stand it when it’s 80 to 100% humidity because if that’s the case, I’d pretty much rather die or be at the beach where I can dip into the water at any ole’ time.  But I sure do miss that screen door we used to have in the house I grew up in.  It had just the right amount of slam to make my mother yell at you if you opened it far enough and let it swing back carefully.  Or, not so carefully.  Carefully would mean no yelling from the mother.

I guess I better slam this laptop shut and get to making dinner.

I think we’ll go out tonight.  Totally not the norm.

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