The force is annoying

I am being somewhat forced to put certain things on the back burner.  Blogging is one of them.  I started my seven week course last week and while it’s far from hard, it’s a lot reading and note taking and if you mix that with my love for algebra, well, I’m busy.  So while I’m forming hilarious posts in my head while I fall asleep at night, I find myself unable to transfer those thoughts to the keyboard when I wake up 6:30 am to study or take notes for my classes.  I’m working before Luke gets up, I’m working while he naps and some nights (not all), I’m studying after he goes to bed.

My life is so exciting!  Actually, it’s not unexciting or horrible.  It’s just when I’m not studying, we are outside, if the weather and mosquitoes cooperate.  Damn those damn mosquitoes!

Anyway, I have a couple of questions for you.

1.  Do you feel that people who wear their sunglasses inside do it for a purpose or just to be cool?

2.  Why do some people feel the need to use ginormous words?  I’m all for having a vast vocabulary but sometimes it seems like some people do it unnecessarily….like my new professor.

3.  Do you prefer a bikini or one piece?  OR tankini?

4.  What is your personal preference toward the skinny jean?

5.  Do you know what Garbage Pail Kids are?  I think I clearly let my age be known when I answered this question in class yesterday, but only to the one other person who knew what they were too.

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  1. 1. To be obnoxious
    2. Depends on if it seems forced or effortless.
    3. Bikini.
    4. I like the look, but the last pair I attempted seemed funky. I want a pair for the fall.
    5. YES. Stinky Sally. I had them all.

  2. Stacey

     /  June 30, 2010

    Kristen: the reason I think it’s forced is he feels the need to define them after he says them. It’s like, just say a word we’ll all understand then!

  3. michelle

     /  June 30, 2010

    1. to be cool or just fancy expensive transition glasses, which don’t always look cool.
    2. I don’t understand when people use big words. Big words are not for me and I’m not impressed. I should read books though, then maybe I would understand.
    3. Bikini. However, I own one tankini, but I wore that after my pregnancy. I’ll probably ROCK (ha, it’s okay to laugh while reading this) a bikini for a while.
    4. I have a pair that I thought were skinny jeans, I was informed by a stylist that they are not. Probably straight leg instead. Also, Brittany calls me LONG butt in them. That’s now my nickname while she is here. I think I need a new pair and try it again.
    5. Loved those as a kid. They were fun to trade.

  4. Sassafras

     /  June 30, 2010

    1. Because they think they’re cool or their hands are full and they can’t take them off.

    2. I don’t know. I’m certainly not one of them and I never understand. I do find it annoying if he has to define the word. Why bother?

    3. I’m self-conscience about my stomach so it has almost always been a one piece.

    4. Not a fan.

    5. Yes! They were all the rage. I remember going to all the local stores looking for them!

  5. husband

     /  July 1, 2010

    1. They are high
    2. Large words help with crossword puzzles.
    3. One piece I would look silly in a bakini.
    4. Skinny jeans are uncomfortable plus I’m chubby.
    5. Slobby Robby was the playground nickname I acquired from those cards.

  6. A

     /  July 1, 2010

    Hey girlie! Missed you, too! Just got caught up on everything that you posted while I was gone. A+ for the karaoke stardom. Loved the vacation recap. Keep plugging away at that 7 week class — they keep you so darn busy.

    And, to answer your questions:

    1. Everyone knows it is a tool move, so it has to be because they forget, because they have those weird changing lenses or because they’re really okay with being a tool.

    2. Because it makes them feel smart. Or cool. When it is, again, sort of a tool move.

    3. I happen to find tankinis the most darling of all. I own several bikinis, but I’m definitely more comfortable in a tankini.

    4. Gah. Soccer player/figure skater thighs. No thank you. (They’re adorable on some, however.)

    5. I do! My older cousin had them and I thought they were really hip and cool.

  7. 1. Totally just to be cool. At our wedding reception, 8 years ago, one of hubby’s friends made a grand, late entrance wearing sunglasses. Hubby leaned in toward me and asked “Who’s that cool cat?” We still use that phrase to this day when we see someone inappropriately clad in sunglasses.

    2. Meh, I’ve been known to do that occasionally. I don’t know why. Because I can, I guess.

    3. Tankini, but the kind with shorts, not a regular bathing suit bottom.

    4. Not.

    5. Heck yes! I wish I still had mine – My son would love them!

  8. 1. They forgot or are trying to be cool.
    2. Because they’re not very smart but want people to think they are. Or they are smart and also obnoxious.
    3. Tankini
    4. I do not look good in skinny jeans.
    5. I know what they are, but I was never into them. I know other kids in my class traded them.

  9. 1) If you’re Usher – you’re trying to be cool. If your me, it’s probably because I forgot, or because I’m hungover, or because I have huge bags under my eyes because I haven’t gotten enough sleep….
    2) I use big words sometimes just to use them….
    3) I prefer bikinis – better tanning results.
    4) Skinny jeans look good on models. On me, they look like sausage casings.
    5) Yup – Garbage Pail Kids – had a crap load of them!!!


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