Careful what you wish for…

I’m really stressed about my algebra class.  I’m going to attempt to explain why.

Let’s just say that the first four weeks of class, I don’t think I gave it my all.  Class is on Wednesdays and I was waiting until Monday to even look at the homework and lecture notes and that’s just not good for me and how I learn, now if it was any other class, I’d be fine and getting an A, but with math, I need to stay on it.

Well, first there was the wedding weekend.  (Thanks for the reminder that I never followed up on THAT, wow, I kind of suck at following up on posts)

Then there was a holiday weekend.

There was also my Mother, and she seemed more important at the time.

And finally, our family vacation.

After the first test, I knew I needed to step it up.  I was not doing well.  Since then I’ve managed to move my grade up nine percentage points so I’m happy with that, but after spending at least 10 hours out of class studying for the test this week…..I still feel like this test isn’t going to be how I want it.  This prof’s grading system is pretty lenient, and he also gives extra points on every test and quiz but never tells us what they are so we don’t really now how we are doing at any given time.  I HATE THAT.

Today I feel free.  I have no homework or studying to do for class next week, and I couldn’t feel more relaxed.  It’s so nice.

I think this weekend I’ll start party planning for Luke’s SECOND birthday.

Can you believe that?

Wishing for this class to be done is like wishing summer away and then Luke will be 2 years and 11 days old and I’m not so sure how I feel about that.  He’s getting so big.

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  1. A

     /  July 9, 2010

    Two?! How could this possibly be?!

  2. Kendra

     /  July 14, 2010

    I hear you. I got all ‘vaclempt’ the other day thinking my BABY is 2! agggghhhhhh. I’m not sure what emotion I’m having about it all.


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