Snow Day

This morning when my alarm went ringadingdong in my ear at 6:15, I cringed. I doubled cringed and may have even cussed out loud but no one but Star knows for sure and I’m almost positive she doesn’t even know. An hour and a half before that I heard Rob’s alarm and then him announce groggily, “It’s only Tuesday.”

Thanks for that reminder.

I dreamed of skipping class. And I say that literally because I hit snooze and for the next 10 minutes all I dreamed about was skipping, but I didn’t. Oh no, not me! I had a paper due today and I didn’t want to turn it in late so I got up and stumbled like a fraternity boy that’s still drunk on a Saturday morning (only my life is not that exciting and I was only too tired because I stayed up reading) to the shower.

We took our sweet time and I dropped Luke off 20 minutes later than I normally do but I still got to class right at 9. Was I late? Oh no, not me! Because this professor is repeatedly late and when I say repeatedly, I mean EVERY TIME. He shows up 9:14 and I want to slash his tires for it.

So I join the other class members who are grumbling about Professor Late Ass and then another student walks up and announces he’s absent for the day. My first thought was an annoyed one but my second thought was WAHOOOOO Professor Late Ass. Except we are supposed to have a test Thursday and I wonder if we still will.

So I got to run some errands.  Luke FINALLY got a haircut  and lived through it and then we went to lunch with Uncle Mike and Papa.

Pictures will be posted soon, Mr. Scream THE Entire Time He’s Getting His Hair Cut is napping.

Don’t let this preciousness fool you.  There’s a super STRONG child in there with an ENORMOUS lung capacity.

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  1. Kendra

     /  July 14, 2010

    poor kid, scared of the skizzers? At least your kid NEEDS a hair cut 🙂

  2. Too cute, can’t wait to see the pics!


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