Last month my best friend sent me a picture text of her beach chair with a message, RIP.  The bottom had ripped out.

Just this last weekend, mine also ripped out and I sent her a text that said, I’m pretty sure mine died of heartache.

They were bought together.  We both searched and searched for beach chairs that summer of 2002 and couldn’t find any.  Then one day she was visiting her parents in a small town and found two of them at the local store and called me with an excited voice, not only did we have beach chairs but we had twin beach chairs.  They were identical with stars and stripes and even represented the best friends most favorite holiday; Fourth of July!

If only these beach chairs could talk.  They have spent many a day on the beach with each other.  They’ve sat in silence while reading magazines or books.  They were quiet while the other one napped (never me).  They listen to conversations for hours on end about life, what we’ll never do again, what if’s, wedding planning, vacation planning, and what’s next to come.  They have been through many a swimsuit, a beach towel, and even a few different beaches although Holland Beach is the best.

They even found each other when they got off track once.  Because it’s easy to find your twin in a crowd.

I don’t think my chair could imagine beach days without the other.

I can totally relate to that.

Rest in peace, beach chair.  Good times.  Good times.

Take those secrets to the grave.

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  1. You know – I thought I was the only person that could have feelings like this for a beach chair! I’ve had the same beach chair since I graduated from college – the chair prior to this one I had all throughout college. I used to always keep my chairs in my car – so no matter where I was, or where I was going, I always had a chair to sit on (beach, cookouts, parties, etc.)

    If my chairs could talk……

  2. jc

     /  July 23, 2010

    my cup runneth over


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