I only have two weeks left of these classes.  TWO weeks.  Gosh, that feels so good to say.  I feel so busy, like extremely busier than normal, or at least busier then I did the previous two semesters, why?  I don’t know.

What keeps me busy?  Well, homework and studying.  Then there’s getting up and down 47 times a day to get Luke what he needs and then there’s laundry.  Speaking of laundry, Luke was dressed in a serious mismatched Idon’tknowwhereheevengotthoseshorts outfit yesterday because he only had one pair of nice shorts that were clean and he needed those for today when he went to Grandma’s.  When I mentioned it to Rob, he laughed and said he wondered what was up with Luke’s outfit.  So if I don’t get my arse of this couch after I hit publish on this blog post then my child will be wearing a diaper and diaper only tomorrow which Rob will not allow.

I’m also busy putting together Luke’s video montage for his birthday because that’s what I like to do and it’s so me and I can’t decide between two songs that I have picked out.  Then there’s taking pictures and editing pictures and that is probably the one thing that I can get lost doing for hours on the computer.  I love it.  I’m barely finding time to watch Big Brother 12, which I’ve always made time for in the past but I can’t even stay focused.  That and Rescue Me.  Usually Denis Leary can even distract me from the computer, but I don’t know….I’m not feeling it, Denis, I’m sorry.  It all started when you took that extra long break due to the writer’s strike, I realize that technically wasn’t your fault but jeez, that was a long time to wait, D.

I’m also planning Luke’s birthday party which I’m super excited for and the theme is balls.  Hehehe.  Had to say it.  So the theme is baseball because he loves baseball and all I hear all day is, “Hit ball, Uncle Mike.”  “Hit ball, Uncle Mike.”  So when I walked into Party City and saw a whole ball theme, I was elated and so was Luke.  We are even going to play a real game in the backyard and pick teams and everything and when I told Uncle Mike this, he laughed and said, “Even you?”  I’ll pretend I didn’t hear that, but he’s getting the smallest piece of cake on August 1st.  Mark my words.  And boy will he be sad because it’s going to be Ducan Hine’s chocolate.  His favorite.

Speaking of the cake, I found the perfect cake pan and the final product will look like this:

When I found this, I showed it to Rob and asked him what he thought and should I order it and he said, yeah but then was like, for only one time?  And I said, well no, it says here it can be a turkey too.  That seemed okay.  I wonder what that ball part would be on the turkey though.  Odd.  I figure one day Luke might be on a team and maybe I’ll make it again then or maybe we’ll have another ball themed party when he’s six.

So then I got the idea of having peaaaaanuuuuuuuuts and crrrrrrrraaaaacker jacks (sing it with me!) too and did you know that  cracker jacks aren’t cheap?  Holy moly.  I’ll probably still get them, but I was surprised by that little tidbit.

Does anyone know how to get the smell of urine out of carpet?  Star peed on the rug last week and I’ve tried two homemade formula’s and guess what?  I SMELL URINE and it’s disgusting and this is the second rug she’s done this to and I’m really mad about it.  I’m actually not on good terms with Star at all right now.  Ever since I found her on the kitchen table…yes, STANDING WITH ALL FOURS ON THE KITCHEN TABLE eating a plate of chocolate chip cookies our relationship hasn’t been the same.  And then she peed on my rug.  AND THEN this morning when I was sure Rob had already left for work, I heard a significantly loud noise come from downstairs and even Star sat up and so I said, go see Star, go see.  AND SHE JUST LAID RIGHT BACK DOWN.  It was only Rob, who decided to go in a smidgen late, but still.  That was my life on the line and she just laid back down.

I’m going to take a nap.

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  1. Sassafras

     /  July 22, 2010

    I thought you were going to do laundry?


    Sounds like Luke’s party is going to be a blast!

  2. Kendra

     /  July 23, 2010

    Maggie loves balls too. (there is no way to say that so it sounds right)


  3. Oh, Star. The table? Really? hahahaha.

    Only two weeks left! Hurray!


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