Not one for the scrapbook

I knew this day was coming, I just didn’t know when. I’ve read blog posts and tweets about it but I’ve yet to deal with it.


This morning when I saw the clock at 9:05 and Luke wasn’t awake yet, I thought I better go wake him up or he’ll never nap today.

I opened the door and smelled….something not right.


Now I don’t know anyone who loves puke, but there are people who can deal with it okay and move on.  I AM NOT ONE OF THOSE PEOPLE.

I can deal with poop in all forms.  I can deal with spit up and the milk puke never bothered me but real food grown up puke?  I RUN FOR THE HILLS.  I mean get those hills ready and make sure you have fresh linens and homemade chocolate chip cookies because I’m setting up camp and not going anywhere until I know my normal world (ahaha) is puke free.

Apparently it’s different when it’s my child who pukes.

Because my first thought was him and was he okay and then I just scooped up the bedding and put it in the wash.

Everything is much more downy fresh now.  Oh how I love the smell of clean laundry.

Luke seems okay.  He hasn’t puked since he got up and he’s had a few bites of cereal.  He does seem a little clingy but then also he seems himself while he’s playing and running around so I don’t know if he’s sick or if it was a one time thing.

I brought down his pillow and set up a little camp for him for which Star has set up permanent residence and Luke is instead next to me on the couch and watching Thomas the Train.

Well, the puker just hit me over the head with a pillow so I think he might okay.

OMG, he just told me he was tired.  SEND HELP IMMEDIATELY.

On another precious note, earlier I sneezed and Luke said, “Bless you mom”.

I love this little puker.

On a guilty note, I feel really bad he laid in puke for most of the night and I didn’t know.

Sad face.

If he asked for a car right now, the odds would be in his favor.

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  1. Sassafras

     /  July 26, 2010

    Poor Luke! Glad he’s feeling better though. And cleanup doesn’t sound so bad. Much better than my memories of walking into my dorm room and smelling THAT puke. No amount of Downy could fix that for DAYS.

  2. my daughter has puked on me several times and i’m surprisingly not grossed out by it at all, even when i see it coming at me…i feel badly for her, that she is sick, and i hug her, get my husband to help me change her (and then i usually change), rock her and then am secretly happy that she wants her mommy so i’m not the one doing the cleanup of the floor, crib, etc. 🙂 i know, i know.

  3. Kendra

     /  August 1, 2010

    Luke, ask for the car dude! 🙂


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