I tried to order Luke’s Halloween costume today and it didn’t go through and that’s frustrating.  An issue that comes up is the size is 2T to 4T, like it will fit all.  Will that be okay?

I’m not sure what’s going on with my International Relations prof, I couldn’t figure him out and then he said he was married and I was quite shocked.

I do not like my economics prof, he seems really nice as a person but he is quite speedy while he lectures and he is a graphing fool.  I THOUGHT I WAS DONE WITH GRAPHS.  Okay, I didn’t really think that but he really loves them.  But then when I was studying today for the quiz it was coming to me better.  Studying is so helpful.

I got new tall brown boots at the end of last season and I’m dying to wear them.  They are just casual (not heels) and I love the color and want to wear them all the live long day but I’m afraid it’s still too early.  I went for the flip flop today.  Dippodydoppidydoo.  I guess.

Something’s taste so good.  Something’s smell so bad.  Like our soap in the shower.  I am not enjoying it (smell).  Fruity Cheerios?  Taste like heaven in a bowl of milk.

I get to this class early so I can guarantee my seat in the back.  This other girl gets here early to interview the classmates.  I swear.  She’s asked almost 12 people how old they are…..what is their major….where are they from…..have they lived here their whole lives because she would DIE if she had to live here her whole life.  REALLY?  Interesting.

I’m going to a birthday party after class.  I hope the cake is good.

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  1. michelle

     /  September 15, 2010

    bring out the boots! Yes, I think 2-4T should fit him okay. He’ll be so cute in that.

  2. I hope that the cake was good, too! I think you can bring out those boots. I also think you should post a picture of them. 🙂

    • Stacey

       /  September 16, 2010

      The cake was good, it had a fruit in it! YUM! I will post a pic of the boots when I get up the strength to get dressed. Hehehe. I’m technically still in pj’s cleaning and getting some tedious stuff done.


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