A Change in the Boy

Recently I’ve had the joy of regular walks with my best friend.  They seem sort of unplanned and happening on a whim but they have been regular and I enjoy that.  I could talk to her every day.  Actually, I do.  Rarely, rarely does a day go by without an email exchange between the two of us.

I enjoy the walks mostly for our range of subjects when it comes to our conversation.  In the walk before last we got on the subject of getting pregnant, how it’s easy for some, not so easy for others and she said something about our age and I kept saying this is my 34th year of life, even though my age is 33 and she said, “Stop saying that!”  Because I had said it about 5 times.

I’m telling you that because I’ve seen such a huge change in Luke since he’s turned 2.  Now that he’s in his THIRD YEAR OF LIFE.  I feel like the terrible twos are actually from about 18 months-24 months, and I’m not saying he doesn’t have his moments but he is not as temper tantrumy as he used to be.  (Yes, I’m sure that’s not a word)

His imagination is really running ramped, and I’m not sure if I should be concerned that “blankie” has almost become a person to him.  The other day we were out of the house for sometime as a family and just to note, we do not take blankie with us unless he’s going to a sitters.  Blankie stays home.  When we pulled in the driveway after our outing Luke announced, “Blankie!  We’re home!”

This morning Luke informed me that blankie was playing with cars while talking on the phone.  I looked over and there was blankie in a nice pile on the floor with the “phone” (hand held hockey game) up next to it and all the cars around it.

One of my favorite things about Luke right now (and also most annoying when trying to concentrate on say, homework or facebook) is his ability to make noises.  Full on boy noises.  Car noises, siren noises, crashing noises,  all the noises you can think of!

He also refers to himself as boy.  “Boy did it.”  “You come downstairs with boy?”  “Boy go outside?”

My all time favorite is when we give him his bedtime warning.

“Cuddle with Mom! Cuddle with Mom!”  And we do cuddle.  Every night before bed time.

Since he’s turned two he’s just so much a little boy and not a baby.  What he knows, learns, and understands is changing and getting to be so much more every day!

I’m loving it!  Mommy loves this boy.

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  1. Sassafras

     /  September 21, 2010

    Awww…I’m hoping for the day when OE will want to snuggle with me. Enjoy it!

  2. Boy is so darling!

    And, Lucy and I have been going to the dog park every Sunday – also seems unplanned even though it totally isn’t – and I am so in love with it. Best hour of my week.

  3. oh man this post made me laugh out loud.
    so cute.


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