7 things to write about, starting Wednesday night

Things I will blog about when I can find more than 5 minutes to write:

  1. I’ll be out of my first trimester this Saturday.  I guess I didn’t think we would make it here but we did.  🙂
  2. Washer=broken.  Washer might=fixed soon.
  3. I’m very grateful the washer did not break with blankie inside.  Holy helicopter that would have been bad.
  4. Studying for a test while calling washer fix it places and dealing with a two-year old that has discovered the word why is really difficult.
  5. I’m working on a project that has been put on hold.  Why?  See number 3.
  6. A visit I was putting off with my academic adviser proved to be a good one and I’m getting really excited for how close I’m getting to being done with school.
  7. Going anywhere for a weekend with a two-year old is hard.  Even harder in someone else’s house.

Oh, and….

Dear Michelle,

In response to your comment on my last post:  I encourage anyone to come live with me who can pee sitting down.  Start packing.



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