These Two Days

Monday morning started out busy.  I had to drop Luke off by 9:30 am while also getting myself ready and preparing dinner to only be heated up when we all got home at 4:30 so that I could eat and run off to class again at 5:15.  Well, I sort of woke up late.  We had been gone all weekend and I was feeling it.  I got Luke dressed immediately.  I grabbed his shoes and almost put them on but then I remembered that was a bad idea because he will think we are leaving RIGHT THIS SECOND if I put his shoes on so I just brought them downstairs.  I set him up with breakfast while I quick threw in some laundry and folded a load before starting dinner.

Then I started making Spinach Enchiladas.  And oh man, were they good but I will definitely add chicken next time.  I also made them with flour tortillas because we are not a fan of corn.

Anyway, Luke was at the kitchen gate, “See it Mom, see it Mom, SEE IT MOM!!!!!!”  I love that he is interested in what I’m cooking and usually I let him right in with a chair and let him watch but Monday morning I was in a hurry and couldn’t he understand that when mommy is sauteing garlic, onions, and spinach in her pajamas that we are just trying to hurry and get the hell out of the house?

Well, I got it done….all enchiladas were rolled and smothered in sauce but I was yet to shower.  I decided to go drop Luke off and come back to shower.  I go to grab his shoes and I can only find one.  I CAN ONLY FIND ONE.  For 20 minutes I looked for that shoe until we were officially late and I was not a happy person.  I had to send him in his sandals.  What I most mad about was I had carried down both shoes earlier!  WTF??

After all that I finally made it down to school for my meeting with my academic advisor, which went very well and I left there on cloud nine.  The day was looking UP!  I got home at 4:30 and we ate dinner, also divine!  Before I left for my night class I went downstairs to switch the laundry and the washer was still full of water.  I quickly brushed it off, restarted the cycle and I was off to learn about our economy.  Tell me something I don’t know.

We got out of class early, another high of the day, and I was home and chatting with Rob before I knew it.  I was also exhausted.  Before we went to bed though, Rob said, “Did you stop the washer?”  He had gone down there while I was gone and found the same thing AGAIN that I did before I left.

Oh crap.

While he is trying to diagnose the broken washer, I get a flash in my mind and I go up two flights of stairs to our bedroom and walk to the left side of our bed and sitting right on the edge of it?  Luke’s shoe.

Well, that’s good.  I found Luke’s shoe, I hope I don’t have to buy a new washer.

Rob gets the water to drain but it’s late and he says he’ll look more in-depth at in when he gets home from work on Tuesday but that maybe I should start scrolling craiglist.

Oh joy.

Tuesday morning my brother calls because he took the week off work to work on a project.  Luke and I were planning the morning with him and my dad but he wanted to know if we could come later.  I said sure and told him our washer was broke.

“I’ll come right over.”

“You don’t have to.”

“No, but I will.”

“I know you are trying to get stuff done.”

“I know what I need to get done and I’ll have time later, I’m on my way.”

So he comes over.  He thinks it’s the lid switch just as Rob did but we don’t understand why it’s not draining.  Luke is helping him “fix it” and while they are doing this my brother says, “Luke, are you ready to be a big brother like Uncle Mike?  It’s a really important job.”

This is when I almost start crying, but I hold myself together.

Later we find out we forgot a crucial part of the cycle in that the washer SPINS as it drains and if the lid switch is broken it won’t spin because it thinks the lid is open.  Rob figures it out when he gets home from work.  I was out and about and received a text that said, “The washer is fixed.”

He is my hero.

I didn’t know how happy it would make me to be able to do laundry again.  For such a cheap price.  Which was zero.

So then I made these Chicken Avocado Wraps for dinner and it was the perfect ending to such a crazy two days.

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  1. Now I am hungry for spinach enchiladas!

    What your brother said to Luke is the sweetest thing ever.

  2. I love when husbands can just fix something. Mine just fixed a pipe in the basement so we didn’t have to call anyone AND now we can turn our heat on if we need to. 🙂

  3. michelle

     /  September 30, 2010

    seriously, when can I move in? Avocado wraps. I’m salvating over here.

  4. Oh, your brother! So sweet.

    Those wraps look glorious. Yummy!


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