Weak Hearted=Me

Big boy beds are not for the weak hearted.

Luke went to bed last night all on his own in the big boy bed.  No credit to me.  It just kills me to leave him alone in that big bed awake and alone.  I’d like to think that when it comes to discipline and what’s good for Luke (so that he’s not living with us when he’s 30), I’m really good about follow through, consistency, and being strong.  But not about this.  This is hard for me.

Rob read to him.  Rob left the room.  Luke screamed and cried and then figured out that he could come out of the room on his own.  Rob returned him to the bed and said,”Do you want to go in your crib like a baby or sleep in your big boy bed?”

“Big boy bed, Daddy, with boy.”  Luke refers to himself as boy.  He was telling Rob to come in the bed with him.  Rob told him that daddy has to sleep in his own bed and then asked him again where he wanted to sleep.  He choose his big bed and didn’t come out of his room again.  Rob checked on him several times and both times he was awake and sort of playing and then finally he was asleep. Don’t worry, Star was fast asleep in Luke’s bed SNORING at this point.

This morning Luke made me laugh so hard.  I was laying in bed just waking up and I heard him talking.  I got up and stopped in the bathroom to  pee (SO PREGNANT) and out of his bedroom comes Luke….he swings open the door with his flock of seagulls hair in tow and without seeing me is all, “MOMMA!”

I know not every night will be easy but wow, I guess I just sort of can’t believe it’s happening.  So tonight was our date night while Luke was with Grandma so we ate chili and caught up on our DVR’d faves we like to watch together.  After that we put blankets on both beds, cleaned out Luke’s crib (we are still leaving it up there for a little while) and moved his changing table downstairs to the office slash new nursery.  OFFICE SLASH NEW NURSERY.

Soon the office slash new nursery will just be a nursery with a crib and a dresser and HOLY CRAP.

I gotta go.  I need to say a few Our Father’s and Hail Mary’s.

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  1. jc

     /  October 14, 2010

    where are you moving the office to?

  2. New nursery! Whee!

    The big bed sounds like it is working out ok. Too bad he figured out he can climb out though. =)

  3. I know how you feel! Lil Man has been sleeping in his “big boy bed” for almost a year now. We completely took with crib down for a while so he didn’t think we were “giving” his crib to his brother. Something we did do though…. we put a baby gate up on LM’s door so he can’t get out. Partly bc he’s upstairs but also because one the gate goes up, he knows it’s bedtime. He knows he’s there to stay until morning.


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