Even Super Hero’s Nap

I mentioned before how our Halloween was actually on the 30th of October.  On the 31st of October we made plans to visit my brother’s house because his neighborhood did it on  Halloween.  Luke had a fun-filled day on the 30th and went to bed late.  On Sunday morning we were up early and went to church.  I’m not sure what my deal is but every week in church I’ve felt light-headed and one week I actually had to leave.  I think it’s from the kneeling and standing part because it’s usually right then that I feel it.  ANYWAY, after church Rob told me to lay down for a bit.  I’m also not able to nap these days.  I was laying there listening to my stomach growl and decided this nap was not going to work and I needed to get up.  Before I could, Rob opened the door and told me to come downstairs and that I needed to see this.

As we are walking down the stairs he tells me how he had asked Luke if he needed to take a nap and he said, “No nap daddy!”  So Rob was in the kitchen making a sandwich and he realized it had gotten really quiet….he came around the corner to check on Luke and saw his feet sticking out from behind the ottoman.  (Originally the ottoman was in front of Luke but Rob moved it).

This is where Batman naps apparently.

Obviously disguised as a Luke as to not give away his secrets.

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  1. Oh, that is the cutest.

  2. accordingtoanastasia

     /  November 11, 2010

    What a beautiful and sweet picture – he is just too adorable for words!


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