A baby shower and a runny nose

The thing about colds is they take a long time.  I think even longer when it’s a 2 year old.  It’s hard for him to blow it all out and understand that it will make him better.  I decided on Thursday night that we would sit in the steam filled bathroom to help loosen up his chest a bit but that was basically just guaranteeing him a therapy bill for a good portion of his life because he is deathly afraid of the shower.  Turns out even if the shower curtain is shut.  I mean we couldn’t even see the shower doing it’s job and he’s pissed.

Somethings about Luke are so intriguing.  He’s hard to resist he’s such a cutie pie and he’s also always right on time when it comes to any kind of milestone but if you show him a shower head he will freak out.  Right  now if you come near him with a boiling hot wash cloth to help with his nose…..screams bloody murder.  I thought Star was going to attack Rob and I the other day when we finally had to hold Luke down and attack him with the snot sucker outer.  Now if I even pick up the snot sucker, Luke screams and runs.

Now I have a cough that is deep and it hurts.  I don’t feel sick other than that but after a whole day of coughing yesterday I was physically exhausted with a headache to match.  Ugh.  I guess that’s what I get for staying up with him all hours and sleeping with him for his comfort.  But not last night.  I feel sort of bad but I was so tired at 8:30 that I could not keep my eyes open and I made the executive decision that he was going in his crib for the night.  I didn’t have the strength to deal with the bed time routine to get him in his own bed and I couldn’t sleep another night with his feet in my back, or his constant coughing (poor guy!), but the worst of it is that the first night he fell out of bed and cut his foot pretty badly.  The next two nights I would wake up every time I felt a sudden movement because I was afraid he was going to fall out bed again.  TALK ABOUT GETTING NO SLEEP!

Yesterday we went to a baby shower for my SIL.  This is her second baby within 2 years and I thought it was odd that my other SIL was throwing her one again.  I know that sometimes people have two when the children are several years apart but 2 years?  And then the SIL asked me about throwing another one for me.  I told Rob noway but then he proceeded to tell me that this was for his family because know one did it for them (or us) the first time.  Okay, I guess that sort of made sense, because that’s true.   But then yesterday at the shower there wasn’t one aunt or cousin from Rob’s family there.  So then I started to rethink this….if she thinks she’s inviting the same people that were at my last showers she’s crazy, so then basically it would be….like the 5 of us.  And that’s only because it was a couples shower.

Here is what’s weird, Rob’s mom does not get along with any of her brothers wives.  These ladies are so nice, but I only meet them here and there and have actually had the most contact with them through Facebook, which has all been so positive and you can tell they really care for Rob and his siblings, but I feel like she tells her daughter (Robs sister who threw the shower) not to invite them, but that’s not really fair to me and my other SIL (Rob’s brothers wife) because I feel like it makes us look like we don’t like them either!  Like we are disassociating (word?) ourselves from the family without really knowing it!

I almost feel like throwing myself a shower and inviting them because I want to get to know them (and no gifts necessary)!  I think when my SIL asks me for my guest list I’m going to include her aunts and their daughters.  We’ll see if she invites them but I guess if she doesn’t it will just be me and her.


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  1. You could throw yourself a come-meet-the-baby party after the baby is born and invite whoever you want.

    I love my husband’s aunts who married into the family too. My MIL isn’t great friends with them, but she does invite them to things, so it’s nice.

    The fear of the shower is funny. B is afraid of touching snow. It may be a long winter.

  2. Sassafrass

     /  November 22, 2010

    Ahh the second baby shower. Lots of people have opinions. I think it’s fine as long as the premise is more let’s celebrate a pregnant momma and less gimme gifts! I think your feelings are valid to have whoever you want there. And I do like the idea of a meet the baby party after.

    Kids are weird. The end.

  3. "Cookie"

     /  November 23, 2010

    I kind of like your idea about doing it yourself. Why not call it a Celebration?! You can invite who you want to invite and keep it as simple as you choose. Hate to hear that Luke is sick. I think everyone I know has a sick kid. Hope you feel better too! Being sick and pregnant is no fun at all.


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