The Blackest Friday

I said I’d never go out on this day.

What did I do?

Went out on this day.

I was sucked in.  I thought I could get some good deals and I think you can, but not really for what I was looking for.  On Wednesday I found 4 of the items I had been scoping out on sale already and I feared if they were on sale already, would they be on more sale today?  I checked, they weren’t.  In fact, they weren’t on sale at all today so I’m glad I got them Wednesday.  But what I was hoping for was to pick up some items that I need for some small gifts for a group thing I do every year but you know what?  That stuff wasn’t on sale.

So anyway, I couldn’t believe the parking lot when I got there, but I decided to check it out.  Then I couldn’t believe the line but I then I thought, it won’t take that long.  Then I was in the store and went directly to a certain counter first because I had told my friend I’d get something she wanted and I got it.  And I’m mad I didn’t get two.  Rob was sort of wishing I had gotten one too but anyway, I got it and I was happy that I could do that for her.  I waited in check out for 1.5 hours and it was crazy.  1.  I was starting to get hungry.  2.  I’m pregnant and HELLO?  When I’m hungry, I’m like where is the nearest food.  3.  It would be way better with a partner.  One person can hold a place in line while the other looks.  You can talk.  You can make fun of people.  You can observe what other people are buying and be all like, wow they are crazy or brave or lucky or whatever.  4.  You would just be with someone which is always better.  🙂

Our Thanksgiving went well.  How was yours?  I was the least stressed this year about the actual dinner part.  I know how to make it without even looking now so I think that’s why.  But my mom and stepdad came yesterday and for some reason whenever I am around my mom I am stressed out.  Every time I tell myself to relax and just let it go but I get all tense anyway.  I think it might be safe to say that yesterday I was less tense than the other times but I was still tense.

I’ve also had some sad thoughts about some things lately that I plan to blog about but not today so that could be why too.

Anyway, Rob is outside putting up the Christmas lights right now.  It’s our first year ever doing that!  And tomorrow we are getting the tree.  It just doesn’t feel like it should be time yet.

So let’s get a look at the First Born with the turkey this year.  I’m not sure who is more of a turkey in this picture!








And on another note, my soon to be Second Born is looking healthy and precious!  We saw him this morning and he was all feisty in there.  🙂

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  1. Sassafrass

     /  November 29, 2010

    Hahahaha! I love that picture.


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