Long December (and I’m okay with that)

Rob is working 3rd shift now  for a few weeks and I’m not enjoying it at all.  It started last week and it’s this week and maybe next too. And hello?  If anyone reading this wants to come and murder in my sleep, now you can.

That was scary to type.

Anyway, his messed up schedule is messing up my schedule but I feel way more sorry for him than myself.  I’ve worked 3rd shift before and I know that it sucks.  He’s home in the morning which is helpful in a lot of ways because like yesterday and last Wednesday he actually gets Luke up and ready while I get ready so its one less person I have to get ready but then he also gets all talky and is basically following me out the door still talking and I’m all, I love you but GO TO BED.   And at the moment he is still sleeping and I’m waiting on him to figure out when to start dinner but it’s hard to change a 2 year olds schedule so I had to make Luke a pseudo dinner that’s basically peanut butter and jelly with grapes, crackers and peas.  I don’t know, the kid will eat peas with anything so hey, I go with it.  So we are not eating as a family and that is just weird for us because we eat as a family pretty much every night.  I also know that in the morning it’s a race to the TV, other wise I’ll be stuck watching sports center while Rob winds down and that’s just not what we do in the morning.  In the morning we eat breakfast and watch the news until 10 am.  This is when I do laundry/clean up the house or we play and then at 10 am Luke watches cartoons while I do homework and or study and then at noon we eat lunch/run errands and then at 2:00 it’s nap time.  I never realized we were so scheduley, but I guess we are.  While Luke sleeps at 2:00, I usually study more/work on homework, or clean what I can’t clean with Luke awake (like the floors), or prep dinner, or sometimes I just sit down and do nothing.  Today I happened to fold two loads of laundry and watched a few DVR shows.  Nap time goes by really fast.

I’m missing my  husband and our normalcy, which isn’t very normal but it’s normal for us.  I also miss his leg draped over mine in the middle of the night.

I have all my Christmas shopping done  except two very small gifts.  I will probably pick them on Christmas Eve.  That is totally me….to be all done but two things and then wait until the last minute.

I’m excited that my economics class is done as of this next Monday, the 6th.  Yep.  And then I only have two exams and I’m done with school for like a MONTH.  I’ve already come up with somethings I need to do.

1.  Scrapbook

2.  Sort through all of Luke’s newborn clothing and start getting things ready for Baby G.

3.  Separate the clothing that I will not be using for Baby G because they will be made into a quilt for Luke, someday.  Even though I have no idea how to quilt.

4.  Since I’m still going to be paying my MIL to watch Luke, I will take  myself to a movie or two during the day and eat popcorn.

5.  Go on a date with my husband.

6.  Read two books, or four….suggestions welcome!

7.  Sleep train Luke.  We need to focus on his staying in his bed and falling asleep on his own without one of us in there.

8.  I would love a long walk in the snow if weather permits.

9.  Make cookies.  🙂

10.  Make a cookie recipe I’ve never made before.

By the time I’m done with all this it will be my birthday.  But I’ll be ready.  🙂

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  1. I personally think schedules are good things…. especially for kids. Good luck on the sleep training!! One word of advice…. just be consistent. I’m shooting you an email regarding books….. 🙂


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