I’m sitting on the couch, a pile of laundry is sitting next me and needs to be folded but instead, I blog.  Because you know what?  I have all the time in the world.

By the way, the laundry next to me is clean.  Did I ever tell you the story about how Rob once folded three baskets of dirty laundry because he thought it was clean?  FUNNIEST THING EVER.  I usually fold laundry on the dining room table, (is that weird?) but in this one moment I had brought down 3 baskets of dirty laundry and then I think I had to rush out the door to pick up Luke or get something done in a specific time frame and left the laundry baskets right near the door to the basement to be taken down when I got back.  Well, when I got back it was all folded.  SO HELPFUL?  YES.  Bad timing?  Also, YES.

Anyway, totally sidetracked there for a second.

SCHOOL IS DONE!  Bring on 3 weeks off and reading books, and decorating Christmas cookies with Luke and scrapbooking and naps and anything besides school work!

I also cannot WAIT for Christmas morning.  CAN’T WAIT for Luke to open his gifts and just have that experience with him.

I really, really wish I could have celebrated my end of the semester with a drink.  You don’t even know.  When I was pregnant with Luke, I never cared that I couldn’t drink, but for some reason with this pregnancy, I miss it more.  And I don’t even drink that much!

Instead, I went to Target and bought a rug.  Yeehaw.  I also bought a draft guard for the door to The Bistro (mudroom). And THEN!  To top off all that excitement, I got an oil change.

Party down party people.

Am I the only person who watches Jerseylicious and can’t stop watching it?  I won’t apologize.


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  1. Sassafrass

     /  December 16, 2010

    Last weekend I said to my husband that I really don’t remember craving alcohol (mostly beer) so much last time. He replied that yes, I did. And then it took me 8 weeks after having birth to actually have a drink. So I get it.

    Wahoo, enjoy your break!

  2. Being pregnant and not being able to drink during the holidays is making me so sad. Which is pathetic because I think last year during the holidays I had a grand total of one glass of champagne. It’s not like I’m a big drinker. But I want a drink right now!

    Congrats on finishing your classes! And I read on Twitter that you got a really good grade – maybe in Econ? Congrats!

  3. Three cheers for being done with class for the semester!


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