The semester ended last Wednesday.  On Thursday I planned a day out for me and Luke because he’s been such a trooper while Mommy studied and Rob was on a different shift for a few weeks.  I started a new book and I looked forward to all the projects I have given myself to get done over the next three weeks.  But then by Sunday, I felt it.  That sort of laziness that starts to kick in because I tend to be completely on my A game when I’ve got a lot to get done and deadlines are waiting, but give me 3 weeks and not THAT much to do, and I get bored and lethargic.  But then yesterday we were gone ALL day (I went to visit a newborn baby!) and then we came home I made dinner for my best girls.  Today we were out of the house early and over to my brother’s house, my brother surprised me with an early Christmas gift craft project (he needed my help to do it, but I was still surprised by it) and then we all went to lunch.  Then Rob called and he had forgotten his wallet so we headed downtown to bring that to him.  We recently got home and now Luke is napping and I’m doing this.  But the point is that I feel so lucky that I get to have this time with Luke.  Yeah, I was feeling a little cabin fever on Sunday but all in all, I feel so blessed to have the “job” I have now.  Being home with Luke and going to school is perfect for me now.

None of this would even be possible or as comfortable as it is if it wasn’t for my husband.  My husband who I am extremely proud of who is starting a new job on December 27th.  A new job that with new opportunities and that hasn’t made him stop smiling in about 2 weeks.  It makes me happy to see him happy.  I have felt so blessed to be working towards what I feel passionately about for our future security and sometimes it made me sad because I knew he wasn’t loving his job.  Not so much the job or the work but the company.  But he never once said anything to me.  He has been completely supportive and loves that I’m home with Luke.  If you’ve been reading for awhile you might know that for a long time he was traveling a lot for work across the state and had been asked to interview for an opportunity on that side of the state.  It was everything he ever wanted except for the distance and a possible move away from our families, but we would have done it.  He was a little crushed when he didn’t get it.  And then his current employer put him on a new project that has led him to this new opportunity that is also exactly what he wanted but right here in town!  This is when I like to remind people that blessings come in their own time.  You never know what the future holds or what’s in store.  I know it’s hard in the moment, when you want something so bad you can taste it, but sometimes it’s not bad to have a humbling experience to keep life in perspective.

I’m feeling proud of our family this Christmas.  We are not perfect, we have a long way to go, but we are getting there. I’m feeling lucky, blessed, and happy for all we have.  I just want the Universe to know that.  It does not go unnoticed and I am thankful everyday.


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  1. "Cookie"

     /  December 22, 2010

    That’s awesome!! You are so right…. we never know what the future holds but if something doesn’t work out there’s normally a reason. You sound so happy. 🙂 Good luck to your hubs starting the new job.

  2. AMEN about the blessings!! Congrats on hubby’s new job! Brian is kind of in the same boat – waiting (very impatiently) to learn if he is going to be offered the job he recently applied for – it would be a great opportunity for him and he would be working close to home for a great company! Hearing about your hubby’s big win makes me even more optimistic that Brian will have one as well!

    Merry Christmas to you and the entire family – and ps – you look absolutely adorable – very cute baby bump 🙂

    • Stacey

       /  December 24, 2010

      Merry Christmas, Anastasia! I’ll be sending out good vibes for Brian!! 🙂


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