Last night while I was falling asleep it occurred to me that NYE was just a few short hours away and I’d really thought nothing about the passing of one year while we clearly enter a new one.  2010 feels like the fastest year that I’ve ever lived. It might also be that 2010 and I are ending on a good note.  We didn’t have any major disagreements or catastrophes that caused any long periods of a break in our relationship.

It was no surprise that I was very happy to get the hell away from 2009.  Although I have a high respect for anything that makes me grow as a person and while 2009 did that for me, I still say, “Suck it, 2009.”

Now, here we are, a WHOLE YEAR later from 2009.

I had a lot of fun this year with Luke.  I also feel like the one on one relationship with Rob was getting more on track and getting more focus this year after the birth of Luke.  We figured out how to be “us” and a family and we had a few fun getaways, just the two of us.  We also had some fun family trips with Luke and I know that for me, it felt more balanced.

Twenty-eleven will be very exciting with the birth of Baby G and my first-born turning THREE!  We will also celebrate our 5 year anniversary in 2011.  A lot of milestones!  It will also be challenging with a new-born and no sleep and finding balance within the family and I’m sure it will be tough on our relationship again but at least we know what to expect this time.

It seems as though I did make some resolution’s last year, let’s review:

  • Run a half marathon (I just typed that marathong.  Hehehe. Tomato, tomAto) in November of 2010.  Got pregnant instead, but I still plan to do this.  I’d like to run a 10k in 2011 and the half marathon in 2012.  I won’t have the time to train for the half in 2011 after the birth of Baby G.
  • Continue to read on the pace I’ve read because I love it so much and it gives me ME time.  Um, I read a lot this last summer and I’m reading now, but I did not read one single book this Fall.  So not too bad.
  • Continue to impress myself  & that I can do this college thing, this mommy thing, and this family thing.  I’m actually missing all the crazy busy stuff now while I’m on break.  I’m still doing it and I’m loving it and my grades are A’s and B’s so not too shabby if I do say so myself.
  • Learn to knit.  I really want to knit homemade stockings for me and Luke (Rob already has one) but I can’t say that I will get that far, so my goal is to LEARN and go from there.  I DID LEARN!  But I haven’t even picked up a needle since Marchish.
  • Absorb every second of this summer with Luke because I have a feeling it maybe the last summer I’m home with Luke….well, probably ever.  We’ll see.  But it’s always good to try to absorb every second anyway because it all goes by too fast.  I think I did a good job of this, even while hating every minute of that algebra class.  And it wasn’t my last summer home with Luke, but it was the last summer of just ME AND LUKE.

In 2011, I’d like to just adjust to becoming a mommy of two.  I want to try to relax more and take it all in.  I don’t want to care so much if things don’t get done on my timeline, like cleaning, laundry, and dinner.  I just want to be able to learn how to shower with a toddler and a newborn in the house.  I want to take a lot of pictures of my boys with my camera and learn some new things about photography along the way.  I’ll also be planning to stay on my same schedule when it comes to school, but I’m making a promise to myself now that if I have to take one less class this year due to having a newborn, I will not feel bad about it.  I can do everything I want to do, but if I can’t do it all at once, that’s okay.   That’s what I want to remember in 2011.

Happy New Year!!

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  1. Happy New Year, kiddo! Your 2011 is going to be incredibly amazing – I can feel it!


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