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In case you missed my tweet:  SIBLING LOVE

The Brother had surgery on his shoulder on Monday and it ended being a lot worse than the Dr anticipated so you know….more pain and longer recovery for The Brother.  I asked him on Sunday if he would like anything to help and he said, “Make me chili.   A lot of chili.”  I asked him if he preferred his chili with chips or crackers because in our house, we do not agree on this.  Rob eats his chili with crackers and I eat my chili the right way, like a dip with tortilla chips.  The Brother’s response?  “Neither, I’ll be sitting around a lot and don’t need the extra calories.”

Give me a break!  I got him both chips and crackers and also?  A bag of peanut butter cups.

I know it’s hard for him because he’s either playing or coaching hockey and he also does spin class a few days a week so he’s quite an active person, but everyone needs a little chocolate.

Yesterday we all went over there so Rob could carry a recliner for The Brother up the stairs because we thought that would be more comfortable for him to rest in…..and when we got there The Brother said, “Hey, can you help me put my contacts in?”



But I did it and then I went and got the groceries this morning to make that chili, and then I made it, and then I made him a bowl and even brought it to him and you know what he said?

“Before you go, I need you to help me put my contacts in again.”

That means for the last two days I have touched someone else’s eyeball with my finger.


In case you missed my tweet:  Baby Boy

The ultrasound yesterday went wonderfully which showed a perfect heart and it showed that the spot on his heart disappeared on its own and I’m feeling very grateful and blessed.  Baby G is also measuring big, like two weeks ahead big, and this is all based off the measurement of his head and ouch…my vagina hurts just thinking about it.

In case you missed my tweet:  Taylor Swift

Rob got me her CD for Christmas and I was actually afraid to open it because I loved her last one so much.  And I don’t even like country music but some reason, I love, love, love her.

But she did not disappoint, there is one song verse on her previous CD that I cannot sing without getting a lump in my throat and she’s gone and done same thing this time too:

I do remember
The swing in your step
The life of the party, you’re showing off again
And I roll my eyes and then
You pull me in
I’m not much for dancing
But for you I did

Because I love your handshake
Meetin’ my father
I love how you walk with your hands in your pockets
How you kissed me when I was in the middle of saying something
There’s not a day I don’t miss those rude interruptions

Someday, I’ll write a blog post about why.

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  1. jc

     /  January 5, 2011

    We dont take chips OR crackers with our chili…its cheese or sour cream for us.


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