To Market

Luke and I went grocery shopping yesterday.  Somehow over the holiday our groceries lasted (or didn’t last) and now our grocery day has moved from Thursday or Friday to Tuesday or Wednesday which I actually prefer, so this is okay.

Times like yesterday though, scare me.  Not a grocery trip goes by that I don’t realize that it’s not something that I will be able to do at a moments notice with two kids.  I will need to wait for Rob to get home, or I will need to go when Luke is with Grandma.  I can’t really imagine NOT grocery shopping with Luke.  It’s sort of our thing…he gets his weekly cookie, we shop, we visit the lobsters, we shop, we visit the fish, we check out, he tries to tear down the candy bar stand, it’s like TRADITION.

Do you know what annoys me about grocery shopping?  When there are not any carts in the parking lot.  I imagine upper management coaching the baggers or cart boys to “Keep that parking lot clean!  Keep those carts inside and in neat rows!”  But sometimes you NEED a cart in the parking lot!  Hello?  Recycling!  I think they should leave at least 4 carts in every cart holder.  Just my opinion.  To solve this problem I drive around and park by the closest empty cart and then go from there.  I also hate when people leave me two inches of space between their car and my passenger side….have you ever tried to squeeze a two-year-old in a car seat with two inches of space?  I realize these are things that some people don’t realize until they are in the situation but I can guarantee that every time I park next to someone now, I always make sure they have PLENTY of space to get in and out.

All in all, I actually enjoy grocery shopping.  I think I’ll continue to take Luke and let Baby G stay home with Daddy until Luke expresses his opinion and someday he might want to stay home.

The most important question though?  How am I going to go to the mall?

I need a double stroller, stat.

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  1. I like grocery shopping with B. She is in charge of picking out our veggies and fruit and she chooses interesting things sometimes. 🙂

  2. "Cookie"

     /  January 13, 2011

    Double stroller….yes!! I enjoy grocery shopping now since I’ve had #2 ….. alone! 🙂 I grab a Starbucks and get my shopping done. You’re right though….it’s a lot harder doing it with 2 little ones, not impossible though. It’s takes more planning to go alone b/c either hubby has the kids or I have to drop them off at my mom’s. I just prefer it by myself so I can get a few quiet moments alone.

  3. Sassafrass

     /  January 13, 2011

    Sometimes I will go to the market at night just so I can go by myself – I can never think straight when OE comes with me.

    I’m interested to hear your thoughts on the double stroller. I have one in mind but I think we’re going to wait until the baby is born and assess our needs. As it is we don’t use the stroller a whole heck of a lot.

  4. Oh, grocery shopping! I feel so accomplished when I go with two. If your store has the pretend car ones for toddlers, those are the only ones Ian will sit in. He is not one to take in the scenes and about 10 minutes in, he wants out. Arthur is chill throughout it all…
    We got a City Mini Double and the car seat converter and we LOVE it.

  5. Awww. I like your little tradition. I always liked grocery shopping with my mom. I’m going to have to ask her how she felt about dragging us along, too.

    You’ve inspired me to be extra careful about how I park. I’m usually pretty good about straightening out if I’m really forcing someone to squeeze in, but I never take the baby + carseat into account. Not to mention the brushing-your-winter-coat-against-a-salty-car. Gross.


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