So yeah, I’m 34 now

Last Friday I turned 34 years old.  We live by an elementary school and today when I gave Luke a sleigh ride around the block and I saw some teachers walking in the building, for some reason in that moment, I felt 20.  There I was in my snow pants and snow hat pulling around my own child with a child on the way, and I still feel young in that way.  In that way that I sort of can’t believe I’m a grown up.  Even though I am.  And probably too responsible if you ask me.

School started.  I attended my first class last Tuesday night and while yes, I think I will really enjoy this class, I was really sick on Tuesday and the prof is someone who gets off track easily and I didn’t think he was ever going to shut up and that I was ever going to go home again.  Like seriously in that moment I thought I might have to live forever at the college and listen to this guy talk.  After being awake most of the night Wednesday night my husband basically put his foot down and said, “CALL THE DOCTOR.”  I guess I always feel like I’m not really that sick and I kept thinking, “The next day will be better…..okay, the next day will be better….”  Well, that wasn’t happening and this was a different cold than the cold I had back in November and that’s when Rob thought I needed antibiotics to get rid of this one and he was right.  I finally did go to the Dr. on Thursday because I didn’t want to feel worse on my birthday and he said I had a sinus infection so I started the antibiotics asap.  I don’t think I’ve been on antibiotics as many times in my entire life as I have been this pregnancy.  Anyway, I’m enjoying my online classes too and I really like doing them in my pj’s.  I’m sort of annoyed I have to shower and get ready for class tonight.

On Saturday I spent the day thrifting with my best girls and we went out to lunch too.  I ended up finding some jeans that I’ve had my eye for a long time.  I never really knew what they were as far as brand but I knew the look and I could never find them in stores….but then I found them in my size at the smallest thrift store around!  They were a bit pricey (for a thrift store) but then the clerk asked me if I had ever heard of them before because she was surprised at the price.  I told her what I knew.  I ended up looking them up online when I got home and they are indeed regularly sold for 180.00.  They are super cute.  I can’t wait to sport them after I have the baby!

During our lunch on Saturday, Jen said to me how she could tell I was nearing the end of my pregnancy by the way I talked.  Like buying jeans for after, and thinking about Spring, and finding the double stroller for walks and just how I was wording things.  Man, is she right.  Tomorrow I’ll be 28 weeks which means I’m in my third trimester and that a newborn will be here soon.  And with classes under way, I think it’s going to go by even faster.  And yeah, nothing is ready.

I owe the blog a bump shot.  I’ll try to do one maybe today after I get showered and ready and look decent.

I ordered myself a birthday present that is arriving tomorrow and I can’t wait.  And I’m not going to feel guilty because I totally deserve it.  (of course I’m putting bday money towards it so it’s not as if I’m paying for the whole thing myself)  But after spending Saturday in my sketcher boots that I bought because I didn’t want to spend the money on real uggs 3 years ago and my feet were soaking wet by the time I got home, I had had it.  So I bought myself a real pair.

After a month of working with Luke every night, I think he is finally okay with going to bed on his own in his big boy bed.  At first it was crying and screaming, then it was getting up and coming out, then we put the gate up and then he stood at the gate and cried and then finally one night he was in bed and it was Rob’s night and he told him he would come back to check on him in a bit.  And that worked.  He stayed in there and Rob did go to check on him like he said but he was fine so he said he’d come back again and by that time, Luke was asleep.  Then one night it was my night, so I did the same thing….I read him his story and then said to be a big boy and I had to get my pj’s on (or take a shower) and then I’d be back and then I would come back and give him more kisses or whatever and tell him I’d come back again and then he ends up falling asleep.  This has been working for about a week.

So all in all, that’s the story morning glory.

I have to go shower for class now.

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  1. Yeah, that worked for us for about a week…now my daughter seems to get that something’s up and will give us hell. I don’t get why kids have such issues going to sleep.

    What brand are the jeans? I love thrift scores!!

  2. "Cookie"

     /  January 19, 2011

    I saw your tweet on the jeans the other night but forgot to respond…. score! I’m all about cute jeans.

    Good luck with the sleeping continuing to go so well. It comes and goes around this place w/ our 3 yr old. With 2 it’s harder b/c one wakes up and then wakes the other up. We’re all still adjusting to that. It’s all good though!! 🙂 Glad you had fun out with the girls.

    I want a pair of Uggs too but just haven’t decided to put the money in them. Can’t wait to hear what you think of them!

  3. Hahahahaha. I love that description of how you felt like you’d never, ever leave class or be done listening to your professor. I totally remember those classes. Torture.

  4. Happy belated birthday girl! 🙂


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