I’m in Lugg

My birthday present arrived on Wednesday and on Wednesday night my husband asked me if I was going to wear them to bed.

“It’s possible.”

I wondered after I hit the “order” button on Zappos.com if I was going to regret spending that much money on a boot.  I always try to be conscious of sales and clearance while still getting the stuff I love, but sometimes I have to be a grown up and pass it up because….some things don’t go on sale.

I didn’t have to spend any of my “own” money to buy these boots, it was bought with my birthday money….but because I am usually trying to get the most for my money, I still wondered if I would regret it.

But then they arrived and I slipped my foot into one of them and melted into a pool of mush on my bedroom floor.

“So this is what heaven feels like.”

It almost makes me wish that winter was longer.  Okay, that’s a lie.  Don’t stop reading, I was kidding!


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  1. I’m glad you splurged!

  2. Sassafrass

     /  January 21, 2011

    See I felt that way about spending $40 on maternity jeans. But once they are on you just don’t care because we are worth it!

  3. 🙂 Always fun to splurge a little and then absolutely LOVE what you decided to splurge on. You might have just convinced me to buy a pair.

  4. Yaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay! (Confession: I’ve napped…in bed… in mine before.)


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