I want, I want, I want

I really want to write about how frustrating my doctor’s appointment went yesterday, but I’m tired of it bothering me (or me letting it bother me) so I’d rather write or show you something much more fun!  On the day we got the most snow we’ve gotten all year, I think like 17 inches or so, I want to do a review of upcoming WANTS.  Not NEEDS.  Hehehe. Bring on Spring, bring on post baby!  (after he is fully ready, of course!)

It finally took me some time to really embrace the skinny jean, or even just the really narrow jeans but I’m there….however, in my heart I will always be a flare girl and when I saw these jeans on the Gap website, I knew I wanted them.  Like, REALLY want them!


I also like this shirt…nice and flowy for that post baby squishyness!

And this cardigan because I just want to want it:


I really don’t hate the handbag I have now, but since I’m wanting things, I really love this style, although I’m not sure I love the print which is sort of upsetting.  I wonder if the print would grow on me:


There is also this grey one, which I’m a huge fan of grey because it goes with everything!




I also really love this hoodie….paired with jeans…super casual.


And that’s it for now.  Ha!  I guess I’ll be stalking the clearance rack and online sales like I did last year.  Man, I cannot WAIT for Spring.  I’m SO READY!

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  1. I never embraced the skinny jean – I am so SUPER psyched that wide leg is back for spring – WOOHOOO!!!

  2. Super cute jeans! And the cardigan…. love it!! Always fun to look at wants and not needs.

    Sorry your doc appt didn’t go as well as you hoped! Hope everything is ok.

  3. michelle

     /  February 3, 2011

    I could see you in all of these.

    Your really looking forward to post baby, aren’t you? Not long. Hope everything is okay.

  4. Adorrrrrrrrrrrrrrable. You are very stylish and fabulous. 🙂


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