My Last Complaint

I have to apologize in advance for this post.  I don’t know why I feel the need to do that because it’s my blog and I can say what I want but I just feel like this sounds so ungrateful (if that’s the right word), but it feels something….not right.

I guess because there a lot of people that would do anything to be pregnant and who would read this and think, shut up! But maybe because I’ve been through so much when it comes to trying to get a child out of me that I sort of feel like I have the right to complain, but I really try not to.  ANYWAY.

Last week at my Dr’s appointment, I guess you could say I got a “talking to” about keeping myself hydrated and eating right.  It really bothered me because I AM TRYING SO HARD.  Before I got pregnant I was awesome at drinking my 64 oz of water and than some, but when I got pregnant and felt nauseas it was hard for me.  I got better after I started feeling less nauseas but now I’m to the point where I get full really easy and so it’s become harder again but I am still doing it!

Well, last week she was not happy with my urine sample which had keystones in it, which means I was dehydrated which I think was a little false because while I had drank a lot of water on Monday, I hadn’t drank anything before my appointment that morning.  I’m not sure if that would make a difference but it does in my head so go with it.  The doc then tells me, “You don’t want to get kidney stones, they hurt worse than labor!”

Scare tactics don’t work with me.  Well, actually they do, but the way she said it was not in a way that works for me.

Then she also said,”Dehydration can cause early labor!”  Let’s not forget how I was just sort of feeling like the baby was coming early so this is not what I wanted to hear and it’s one thing if he does but it’s another if he does because it’s something I’M NOT DOING RIGHT.  Even though I’m trying so hard.

And then, she did make a comment about my weight gain, being too low.  For the record, at last weeks appointment I had gained 15 pounds at 29/30 weeks, which I don’t think is underweight, but I wonder if they considered my weight too low to start?  She proceeds to look at my chart and tells me that maybe that’s why my iron was so low when they did my sugar test.  Sugar was good, iron was low, but not TOO LOW which is what I was told at my January appointment.  THAT doctor I saw then didn’t seem overly concerned, basically they want you between 10 and 12, and I was 10.6 so she said to just eat  more iron rich foods, so I have been.  Now this doctor wanted to put me on iron supplements, you know why?

“Because you don’t want to have to have a blood transfusion during birth!”

Wow doc, if you are trying to scare the royal crap out of me and make me feel like the worse mother ever, IT’S WORKING!

Then they called me on Friday.  Or Thursday, I’m not sure, but there was a voicemail asking me to call the office.  So I call today and they tell me I have ANOTHER vaginal infection, and at this point I’m all, “Hey Nurse, why is this happening, does this mean I’m dirty or what because I’m feeling like a dirty whore!”  (I left out the dirty whore part) She tells me NO, that’s not it, that this just happens during pregnancy.

This is my third vaginal infection this pregnancy and don’t forget I had that kidney infection.


I get to pick up more antibiotics today!  WHOOEFFINGHOO!

I didn’t cry today though, I sort of laughed a little when I got off the phone with her and then I just thought, “At least this baby is okay, because that would be worse.  So much worse.”

But I’m just ready to be done with this.

I’m ready to hold this full-term baby boy in my arms.

After running errands this morning, I busted out the Dreft (Target brand, of course) to start washing those sweet tiny baby clothes and the smell hit me.  What a glorious scrumptious smell.  For the  next 8 weeks, every time I feel frustrated, I’m going to go in the nursery and smell those clothes.  That will surely help.

Speaking of the nursery, it now has a crib and a dresser in it!  It’s 90% done.

Be thankful I didn’t even go into the constipation part of this pregnancy and how awful it’s been.  You’re welcome.

Someday I will talk weight in a whole other post.

I’m seeing the doctor every two weeks now, so a week from today I’ll be back there.  I’m determined to have a good appointment.

Happy Monday.

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  1. Sassafrass

     /  February 7, 2011

    Oh man, you poor thing! Yes, just keep smelling those baby clothes and trust that your body knows what it is doing.

  2. So I had to go to the hospital the other weekend because I was having some bleeding and contractions. And I was dehydrated because I had a stomach virus. And the nurse tried to scold me for not drinking enough water, and I was like, “It is hard to drink water when you are barfing every 5 minutes!” and she was properly chastised. Ok, not really that related to your story, but I hate being scolded.

    Also, even after being rehydrated at the hospital, I was still down 5 pounds at 34 weeks, which means I’ve only gained 15 pounds. I’m with you! The kind of sad thing is that I was actually a little happy that I lost 5 pounds. I feel like that is really horrible to admit, but I know the baby is ok, so …

    Oh, I also have Strep B for the second time this pregnancy. What the heck?! And I just realized that I have forgotten to take my antibiotics both last night and this morning. Oops.

    Anyway, I am sure that you are doing fine. Take good care of yourself, but don’t drive yourself crazy!

    Finally, does it make you feel better that our crib is in a box, we have no dresser or drawers or any kind, and all of the new baby’s clothes are unwashed? You are doing great!

  3. wow. I’m sorry but I think it’s a doctor’s job to be encouraging while they’re telling you to improve on a few things. What’s the point in stressing a mother out for no reason?! Now, if what you were/are doing is causing harm to yourself and your babe, OK? But until then, lay off!

    OHHH, the sweet smell of baby clothes. I laughed at myself the other day b/c I went in the baby’s room and just sniffed (and he’s 10 months old!) but his room smells different from my 3 yr old’s room.

    Keep up the good “work”!! 🙂

  4. I’m not sure what type of vaginal infection you have – but antibiotics can throw your normal flora down there out of whack causing a slew of funkiness to occur.

    As for the Doc – don’t let her freak you out! Every body is different and reacts differently. You can’t fit your pregnancy into a little box of what is suppose to happen, and certain numbers, and blah, blah. Just take care of you 🙂

  5. A scolding doctor? Really? Dislike.

    You’re doing the best you can. That is all you can do. Arg. Frustrated for you.

  6. Your doctor needs to find a way to be encouraging without being scary. Sorry you’re having a tough time!


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