Dream Cheater

Rob dream cheated on me  last night.  It happens to the both of us every so often, we wake up angry because one of us has cheated on the other in a dream.  I always tend to stay a little  mad at him through out the day though, even though it’s a dream.  I realize that is ridiculous but hey, it happens.

Anyway, this morning when I woke up I texted him:

“Dream cheater.”

He replied:

“I thought you were mad at me this morning.”

But I didn’t see him or talk to him this morning so I wasn’t sure what he meant.

About an hour or maybe two later I heard the garbage truck and I peeked out to see if the trash was out, it wasn’t.

Rob had forgot.

I quickly threw my boots on and pushed it out there.  Not a big deal at all but of course I texted him again:

“Not only are you a dream cheater but you forgot to take the trash out.”

He replied.

“Damn it.”

So then I replied.

“I got it out.  I slipped and fell but I’m okay.”

I didn’t actually slip or fall but I found that humorous.  Almost as funny as him dream cheating on me.

My phone rang immediately and Rob was all, WHAT? ARE YOU OKAY?


I told him I didn’t fall and he was not happy with my joke.  Then I asked him why he thought I was mad at him this morning and he told  me that through out the night, every time he would roll over and face me, I would immediately roll away from him.

But that’s not because he’s a dream cheater.  That’s because I can’t sleep with someone’s hot breath in my face.

“But I wasn’t breathing in your face.”

“Yeah, but the possibility you might is enough to make me roll away.”  I have no desire to wake up all hot with his breath condensation on my face.  Not that that has ever happened but it’s always been something I knew I didn’t want.

So…….there’s that.

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  1. All I could do was laugh at this post…. except the part about you saying you fell. That wouldn’t have been funny. But everything else was!

  2. Bwahahahaha. You two are adorable. And I’m glad that you didn’t actually fall.

  3. Sassafrass

     /  February 23, 2011

    I can’t stand the hot breath either! YUCK.


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