Getting it done

  • In the last 3 hours I have completed a few things that I was waiting to get done and sort of stressing about and now it’s done so I’m happy.
  • My house is really warm right now and it’s 53 degrees outside so I have the window open next to me.
  • The only thing I have left to do that I’m stressing about is sign up for summer classes.  I can begin enrolling Tuesday morning at 8am.  The reason I’m stressing is because one of the classes I’m taking is only offering two classes, one online and one in the class room and I really want the online class so I cannot be late or FORGET like I did last semester.  Taking the class room version will still work out but I still need to make sure I get in which means I have to be ready to sign on at like 7:55 am.  Last semester I totally forgot and didn’t end up getting one of the classes I thought I wanted but then I got this other one and I actually love it so it still worked out.
  • I should really be in bed.
  • Rob is working this weekend so he has tomorrow and Monday off which is nice.  We are having a little date tomorrow afternoon.  I have no idea what we are doing on said date.
  • My house needs a good cleaning but doing homework, going for walks and doing this other stuff that is so important has taken precedence and so yeah….it’s not clean.  I have noticed cobwebs lately and I’d like to get those clean before the baby comes.
  • I’m going to bed.
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  1. Did you get the online class?! Hope so! I do not miss the days of being freaked out about whether or not I’d get into a class that I wanted/needed.


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