Play Room

I really wanted to write a post today on how I’m starting to envision the play room, or if you’re Luke you’d call it his work shop, in the next year.  We decided to make the fifth bedroom downstairs the play room along with the office.  The room is a light blue (that I actually really like) with beige carpet.  While out and about over the last few days I’ve come across a few things that I thought would just make the room too cute and all boy.  I would love to post pictures of these things but Target’s website is not letting me save the pictures.  Urgh.  Anyway.

I always sort of envisioned the basement a family type space….where we’d watch movies, where the video games would be played (um, which I hate but I realize is probably inevitable), where books and toys would be stored neatly on shelves and in totes/baskets, respectively.  I want to cover the walls in the family room part of the basement in pictures of the boys playing sports, which I can’t wait to take and make it a place that the boys feel comfortable in and will want their friends there.  I realize maybe it’s early but that’s just how I roll.  I also have a vision for our mudroom/bistro area that’s going to involve one of these from etsy: (LOVE!)









Except…we are not the Raleighs, but you get the drift.

I also have the paint color picked our for the future living room I see in my head, I um, even have the paint chip tucked away but I’m not even near that point yet.  We probably won’t even go there until the boys are a little older because it requires new furniture and with two boys and a dog….well, we are waiting.

Anyway, the play room….so the previous owners left us an ugly couch.  It really kind of annoys me they did that because we didn’t need it and they only did it because they couldn’t get it out.  So um…HOW ARE WE SUPPOSED TO GET IT OUT?  Rob intends to cut it up but then we have to figure out how to still GET RID OF IT, kind of like we have to figure out how to get rid of the carpet he tore out of the bedroom.  When we can get that out I am picturing a red futon….because I like red and light blue.  I also found this really large picture of Comerica Park (home of the Detroit Tigers) that I would love to hang on the wall in there.  I could also play off the red of the couch and put up something from the Detroit Red Wings.  Something that can’t be broken, of course.

Ah, to be the mother of two boys.  As I type this Luke is hitting golf balls and one just flew past my head.  Luckily, it’s more like a wiffle ball.

Hmmm, and then I had a thought….what if Baby G doesn’t like sports?

I mentioned this to someone recently and they laughed at me.

It IS possible.

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  1. michelle

     /  March 10, 2011

    If Baby G doesn’t like sports, you will have to invest in comic books, legos and art supplies.

    I like the ideas for the room. I bet I could make you some art for your bistro, something similar to the image above. Let me know what size you are thinking and I’ll see what I can come up with. I love projects!

  2. His work room! Oh, that Luke. When is he ever not the cutest little guy ever?!

    I love all of the little treasures you can find on Etsy…especially the one you posted. So cute! Must find someone to buy it for!


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