And, and, AND

We found out two  months ago my SIL is getting married April 1st.  While we are really happy for her and all that,  I couldn’t help but think, “Holy crap, what will I wear?”  I could give birth by then, or not and my only maternity dress from my last pregnancy was not going to fit this time around.

I checked here and there for deals from ON and Gap but couldn’t find much for under $25 and that didn’t include shipping.

I just couldn’t stand the thought of paying 35 dollars or more even for a dress I would only wear once.

On Wednesday I hit up a consignment shop that I’ve found that carry’s quite a bit of maternity clothing….they are about 20 minutes away and their hours are iffy so I don’t go there too much but it was sort of my last resort.

THANKFULLY, they had a few dresses in my size and one worked!  A black/white/gray Gap maternity dress for 12.99!

I can deal with that for a dress I won’t wear again and I think even if I do give birth before April 1st, I will still wear it to the wedding since I’m sure I’ll still look about 6 months pregnant and it will be comfortable.

Now….normally I’m not a nylon girl but I’m pretty pasty with my pregnant self and does anyone know if they make maternity nylons?

I bet that will be fun and comfy.  And sexy.

I know I can’t wait to see both my guys in their suits.  I do love weddings!!

Tomorrow is the big SHOWER my SIL is throwing me which will only have about 6 people in attendance but I’m over it and I’m all about the food (My one SIL makes the best artichoke dip which she is making for me) and the dessert tray…and just hanging out with the family since the guys will be there too.

THEN!  Monday is Rob’s birthday AND he has the day off AND I think I’ve convinced him to get a pedicure with me!  I am so excited.  I’ve wanted to do this together for a long time (I think it will help his stinky feet issue) and yeah for couple time!  We will drop Luke off as normal and do our own little thing and then we will pick Luke up and go out to dinner.  Luke and I will make him a cake Sunday night while he is working (the reason he has Monday off).

AND, tonight we are having dinner with friends so I’m feeling this weekend.  I am feeling like let’s get this party started.


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  1. I had to wear nylons when I was pregnant at work — one of the few times I wore dresses since pants became uncomfortable — and I wore thigh highs. There was no way I was going to pull on giant maternity nylons. I vote for thigh highs. And they make you feel kind of sexy, too.

  2. Wooo! Nice find on the maternity dress!


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