The Gift of Summer

I could write so much.  I could go on and on about how upset I was yesterday with my family, with my school plans, and how things just got all jacked up.  But I am really sleepy today.  And since I’m basically over it, it doesn’t seem worth writing about.

Basically, I won’t be taking summer classes….maybe one but I have a few calls to make first and then I’ll know but if I can’t take that one, that’s okay.  Rob thinks it’s better that way.  He has thought all along that I should take the summer off but I just couldn’t stand the thought of it, I just never imagined that I would ever be home not working and not in school.  But now I don’t have a choice so maybe this is one of those decisions that gets made for me because it’s the right one.

I am not happy that this could put off my graduation a semester but there is a chance it won’t…it’s going to depend on a few things and you know what?  It’s all part of the plan, right?  Sometimes we have our plan and sometimes there is another plan we don’t know about so I’ve just gotta go with it.  I also have a feeling that once this baby comes out, I will be even more happy to have a break this summer to just soak up all the baby goodness and SLEEP I can get.

Yesterday was Rob’s birthday….but when I found out this information I started crying and he hugged me and said some reassuring supportive words to me and it was then I realized that he was right and since it was his birthday, I did not want to ruin that.  We did a little shopping and went out for lunch alone and we had a good afternoon.  After we picked Luke up we opened presents and ate cake and ice cream.  It was delicious.  And Luke was so excited to sing happy birthday and blow out daddy’s candles.  It was too cute.  I would post pictures of it but Rob doesn’t want me removing the SD card from the camera for fear it will somehow not make it to the hospital and we will be screwed.  (I plan to buy a back up!)

There is still my family that is pissing me off, but you know what?  This family….this husband, this son and this baby on the way….is all that matters to me now.  And that’s my focus.

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  1. You’re right…. sometimes we can plan and plan but the decision is taken out of our hands. I hate that it’s not what you want but can you really beat spending with summer getting to know your new little one and just being a mommy? Nothing in the world wrong with that…. and you have a supportive husband letting you know that it’ll be okay! I’ve had to learn…. I can’t stress over what I can’t change. Not always easy by any means! And you’re last few sentences says it all…. your family of four is your focus! I can’t wait to see photos of the new addition!

  2. It’ll all work out. Even if it takes you an extra semester. In the grand scheme of things, 12 weeks (or however long a semester is) really isn’t that long.


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