Hart Man

It’s no secret there is the one doctor at my office that I’m not a huge fan of.  The rest of them I like just fine…except one….there is one that I just love.  We will call him Dr. Hart….his real name is the title of this post but I certainly wouldn’t want him to google his name and come across this weird hormonal love letter from a pregnant woman in her 9th month of pregnancy.  I wouldn’t actually call this a love letter, but I do just adore him.  He is an older doctor….gosh, I’m really bad at guessing age so I’d have to say late 50’s, early 60’s.  He speaks very softly but not annoyingly so, in fact, he is so interesting to listen to that you would never be annoyed by his voice being so soft because you would be too enthralled with what he’s saying.

He is very smart.  Now, I realize that all doctors are really smart but he always shares the most interesting tidbits of information which might normally annoy me but instead it makes me feel like he is not in a hurry to get through my appointment.

He never forgets about this or this.  And what I mean by that is that I never have to remind him.  That is something that I absolutely hate when dealing with doctors because there are times that it’s important they remember it and when they don’t and I have to bring it up, it’s very awkward for me.  Dr. Hart was the one who handled our second miscarriage and his words of shock and support are something that has stayed with me.  He was clearly concerned but hopeful.  I’m not sure if he just remembers me and the situation or if he just reads my chart every single time before he steps into our appointments, but either way, thank you.

He never makes me feel dumb, when I was pregnant with Luke he handled both of my freak out moments, this one, and the other one where I thought my water broke (can’t find the link, sorry!) and both times, before I could even tell him how dumb I felt, he was already telling me how okay it is to call and get checked because they would rather be safe than sorry.

And finally, there was Friday.  Yes, just this Friday that happened two days ago.  Luke and I woke up and did our usual Friday thing.  I do homework right away, then I pay bills, then we run errands.  We go to the bank and we go pay my MIL, then we might stop at the store or go visit someone and this last Friday we chose to visit my Mom (good choice, btw).  During this whole time I’m feeling crampy and tightening in my stomach but I’m trying to ignore it a bit.  I was giving  a bridal shower for my SIL and her future groom Saturday night so I had important stuff to get.

Anyway, we got back home around 2:00 and the pain is getting worse.  I begin pacing.  And this is where I start to worry because pacing is what I did the night I went into labor with Luke and I HATE pacing.  So I’m pacing and trying to time them but Luke is all up in my business making it difficult and Rob is texting me with constant updates because on Wednesday I had constant contractions for about 3 hours but then they went away so he’s been stalking me ever since.  I finally confess to him that I am having contractions and while the pain isn’t that bad, it’s making me nervous because of the PRESSURE I am feeling.  Pressure that I never felt during my start of labor with Luke.  Rob tells me to call the nurse and I roll my eyes because I’m so afraid of being wrong.  But I don’t know….should I be wrong, or deliver my baby on our wood floor covered in dog slobber next to a mini hockey net and remote control car?  I guess I’ll be wrong.

The nurse tells me to come right down.  Really?  Is this REALLY happening?

So we do.  They hook me all up and determine I am having contractions and the resident says I am dilated to a two and she’s going to check me in a hour to see if I progress which could mean I am really in labor….BUT she’s also wondering if maybe SOMETHING ELSE is agitating my uterus, like my BLADDER.  Is it possible I have a bladder infection?  SON OF A BITCH.  This makes me mad right away.  If these “contractions” are a bladder infection I’m going to be mad at myself.

Well, it takes forever and a day but finally I hear the resident doctor coming back with the results of my urine and as she moves the curtain back she says, “Look who I found wandering the halls….” and she moves the curtain more and it’s DR HART!!!  Yeah!  I look over at Rob who is looking at me and he knows that that one single statement has made this entire visit worth it, false or not!

But guess what?  I did not have a bladder infection, in fact, she said and I quote, “That was the cleanest urine I have ever seen.’  WOOT FOR CLEAN URINE!  And then Dr. Hart went on to say all this great stuff, including a story about how he’s a DOCTOR and even he was wrong once about taking his wife to the hospital and she didn’t end up being in labor and how that was in the 1970’s and they gave his wife an IV of alcohol to relax her.  Then he told me he wanted to send me home with a sleeping pill to help relax me and to see what happens over the weekend, or that even drinking a small glass of red wine might be helpful to help me relax.

Well, if you thought I adored Dr. Hart before, I adore him even more now.

So that was our trip to the hospital on Friday.  I still got to scrapbook yesterday morning for a good cause, and I still got to give my SIL her shower so now that that’s done, I’m going to do some homework and wait patiently for this baby to come….or not.

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  1. Glad everything’s okay…and …um…congrats on your clean urine? Ha!

  2. michelle

     /  March 28, 2011

    So do they think it will be soon? I’ll be thinking of you in these days/weeks to come!

  3. Awesome. Sounds like a great doctor. 🙂

  4. Okay, I love Dr. Hart and I’m going to come to the west side to have him deliver my babies. (Weird?)


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