Awesomeness is…

Realizing that I only have a test due this week in Marketing and that class is over.  I did not realize this until yesterday.  That test is half done so I can’t believe how awesome that is.

Getting 2 papers written and studying accomplished along with half of that of that marketing test completed on a Sunday.

Cleaning the entire house, including ALL floors, both bathrooms, all rugs washed, all bedding washed, all cupboards wiped down, the entire house vacuumed, laundry in a good place (not all done, but close!), all clean laundry put away….and all on a Sunday.

Having an impromptu quiet dinner (almost date like!) with my husband which happened because Luke fell asleep at 5:30 pm and stayed asleep until 7:30 this morning.  He fell asleep while my husband was grilling the chicken and I was making the rest of the meal.  We tried to wake him a few times and he would not budge.  Rob took him up to his bed and we ready for a late wake up around midnight but it never happened.  We ate an awesome dinner with grilled chicken, spinach salad, summer squash with zucchini and stewed tomatoes, baby fingerling potatoes and fresh bread.

A happy boy this morning!

A pedicure that results in hot pink toes followed by lunch and great conversation with a friend!

A great start to the week!!

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  1. Somebody must be ready for a baby! 🙂 Quiet date nights at home are the best!

  2. michelle

     /  March 28, 2011

    That does sound wonderful – and exhausting (cleaning part that is).

  3. Awesomeness, indeed. Hurray, hurray!


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