Usually I make my weekly doctors appointments for the morning on Mondays because then I can drop Luke off and go right downtown.  That means Rob doesn’t go, which is fine…I don’t really need him there when I pee in the cup or to watch them measure my belly and say, “See you in a week if we don’t see you in the hospital first.”  Ha, good one.

ANYWAY, yesterday they were full in the morning so my appointment was at 4:00 so Rob met me there after work.

What is nice about having Rob there is that it makes the time go by faster….because for some reason when we are alone together in rooms  like that….waiting for doctors, we have really sophisticated conversations:

Rob:  (playing angry birds)

Me:  I wish they weren’t checking me today.

Rob:  (still playing angry birds) Why not?

Me:  I’m glad we are seeing Dr. Hart though, I can’t wait to hear his newest tid bit of information.

Rob:  Right! (Laughs) (continues playing angry birds)

Me:  Are you going to play angry birds the whole time I’m in labor?

Rob:  Maybe.

This is where I stop and explain to him the game angry wife.

Rob:  (stops) Why don’t you want them to check you?

Me:  Because he’s just gonna tell me I’m still a 2 and it really means nothing and I’d rather just not know and then go into labor whenever without knowing anything.

Rob:  Yeah…I see your point….

Me:  I think I’ll just tell him, my vagina might be a 2, but on the outside I’m a 10!

Rob:  (stops playing angry birds, laughs again) You should totally say that.

We both crack up and of course that’s when the doctor knocks and comes in.

By the way, Dr. Hart’s tidbit of information was all about the thickness of the cervix and I’m still here waiting to give birth.

April 5th  is the day I picked in my head and it doesn’t seem to be going anywhere so I’m convinced HE IS NEVER COMING OUT.

Just to be fair, it really is less about him getting out and more about me not knowing when.

I am not a control freak.  I am not a control freak.  Repeat after me.  I am not a control freak.

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  1. Sassafras

     /  April 5, 2011

    When is the official due date? April 12th? 11th? I’d like to guess April 9th is when he’ll make his appearance. OEM won’t mind sharing the day =)


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