And on the 7th day

I know I wrote recently about all the exciting things happening in April and so far, 6 days in (going on 7), it’s been true.

The wedding was fun, and the 13 dollar dress did it’s job and my first-born was so stinking cute, along with my husband….well, except I wouldn’t say Rob is “stinking cute” as much as he is hot.  At least to me anyway.  Although, I prefer him less in a suit and more in a tool belt or handling a hockey stick on the ice but whatever.

The food at the wedding wasn’t the greatest, but the cake?  OMG!  The cake.  I secretly wanted a second piece.

The second day of April (our engagement anniversary) we spent mostly on the couch, playing with Luke, and watching a movie after Luke went to bed.  We decided to stay home that night to  make it a cheaper date.  Sunday morning was a post wedding brunch, and I really enjoy things like “brunch” and can I just say how delicious the fruit salad was?  DELICIOUS.  THEN, as we were leaving there were several containers of fruit salad on the table by the entry way and my new BIL was all, “This is my mom’s way of forcing people to take this home.” And I was all, “Hand it over.” And I stashed two containers in Luke’s bag.  They were both gone as of last night.

I’m not sure how I managed to lose a pound at my visit this week, but I did.

It never ceases to amaze me…or what it is about people and pregnant woman and their bodies, that makes people think they can say WHATEVER THEY WANT ABOUT IT.

Wow, your big.

Wow, your small.

Wow, you need to eat.

Wow, you need to stop eating.

Is that a basketball under there?

That looks like it hurts.

When are you due?  WOW.

When are you due?  Oh, I thought you had a lot longer.

Now, I feel I have the right to say whatever I want since with one pregnancy I was 70 lbs heavier total at the end than when I started this one, with a total weight gain of 48 pounds or than this pregnancy where I started out 20 lbs less and have only gained 20 lbs and either way….all those comments?  SUCK BALLS.

And the explaining?  Oh the explaining….so at the wedding, there was A LOT of explaining and questions about due dates and comparisons of pregnancy and then the advice and all that is great and wonderful BUT THEN I saw the same people on Sunday morning and by that point, I had enough so I hid in the corner with some yummy spinach puffs.

I think the worst comment was, “I feel so sorry for you.”

Really?  I’m not sorry.  I mean, yeah, this hasn’t been the easiest pregnancy for me, emotionally or physically but I basically have 2 weeks left (give or take) and if I can’t get through these 2 weeks, then I have a problem because these last 38+ weeks have been way worse than this.  Honestly?  I’m not in that big of a hurry to get this baby out as I am just….scared about a few things and that I struggle with when it’s going to happen because of school and Luke.  But really, last night as I laid on the couch with my 2-year-old who is speaking more clearly than ever and engaging in the most hilarious conversations, I couldn’t help but think about how every minute with him now is precious.  Just that this is IT, this is the last of just US and I don’t mean that in any sort of wrong way other than that it’s going to change and that any extra day of one on one quality time is fine with me.

I also look forward to a lot of stuff too like….

Not waddling

Moving at a speed faster than a tortoise

Wearing any type of lotion I want and not worrying if it will gag me (I’ve had aversions to smell this whole pregnancy)

Eating red sauce

Eating GARLIC and ONION again!

Drinking coffee

Reaching the sink and washer without bending all awkward and it straining my back

Having to think twice about getting up

Not being scared if I’m going to pee my pants when I sneeze

You know….just the normal every day luxuries.


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  1. New response when someone says, “wow, you are huge.” Smile and say, “Thank you for the compliment.” 😛

  2. You are doing so great, I can’t wait to see what he looks like! 🙂

  3. You are “huge” b/c you’re carrying a precious baby! 🙂 Tell them that…. and just let it roll off. I’ve commented before on a friend’s size but never out of disrespect… and NEVER with an unkind comment. Being pregnant is a blessing but at the same time I think it’s okay to vent a little b/c your body has been taken over… that’s how I felt anyway. It was more than worth it (OF COURSE!) but for those 9 months it’s like you have no control. Can’t wait to see what your new little guy looks like.

  4. jc

     /  April 7, 2011

    i got “are you having twins” the other day. i even told the lady it was rude but she just kept on going…what?????


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