Sleep Doctor

My dad is retired.  I’m not really sure if he ever gets bored but I have an idea for him….an opportunity, you know, if he does get bored.

Putting babies to sleep.

Well, wait….as I was just trying to figure out how to type this out, I realized how creepy it sounded in my head.

Hey!  I’m a 62-year-old man who can magically put your child to sleep with no fuss!  (creepy) You will be able to get things done around the house and fix dinner hours before it’s dinner time OR take a nap!  (tempting no matter what the creep factor) (just kidding)  (sort of)

This is no lie, peeps.  Lately Gavin’s fuss factor has been in high gear, he even sort of fusses in his sleep, although this is rarely during his nap time and more in the night which doesn’t help the mother (ME!) sleep very soundly.  Anyway, I realized something last night…..he only fusses when he’s NOT tired and I lay him down on my chest or in my arms.  He’s not even 4 weeks old and he’s already realized that laying down equals go to sleep and he will not have it.  If he wants to be awake, he wants to SIT UP.  This poses a slight problem like you know….NECK MUSCLES but hey, you gotta give the kid some credit.  And  if he’s not tired, he really likes me to hold him and this makes it hard for me to get stuff done.  So my dad likes to come over a few times a week to hold G and give me a break, which means I get to fold laundry but still, A BREAK.  No matter what G’s demeanor when my dad arrives, once my dad picks him up and sits down with him, he’s out.  He goes right to sleep within seconds.

You might be starting to think how can I call my dad a sleep doctor based on this last few weeks?  Well, he also had this magic touch with Luke, who also didn’t like to be laid on his side or on your chest if you were trying to get him to sleep and he was not ready.  If he wasn’t ready to sleep, oh man, you better sit him up!  So my dad did.  My dad would put him on his knee and gently bounce him while obliging his request to sit up and within minutes, maybe even seconds, his little head would just fall forward….and he was ASLEEP.  ASLEEP I SAY!

And then, AND THEN!  Sometime in the beginning of this year when Rob and I were on a date night and Luke went to my Dad’s for the night, I got a picture text from my brother at 8:05 of Luke already asleep on my dads lap.  WTH?

Okay, this is the child who begs and begs for 4 more minutes (I don’t know why 4) before bed time and here he was in someone else’s house and already sleeping before his normal bed time when nothing out of the ordinary had happened that day to cause him to be extra tired.

So yeah, I think my dad could travel the world giving mom’s a break and getting their children to sleep while they take a minute to do laundry or down a bottle of wine, whichever.

Now if I could just get him to figure out how to stop my 2-year-old from whining my ears would be truly grateful.

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  1. What an awesome super power!

  2. michelle

     /  May 4, 2011

    He has a special way with his grandbabies and so much love to give.

    What does Luke call him? papa? grandpa?

  3. Sassafras

     /  May 4, 2011

    Hey, does he want to come to the East Coast? I might need him in a few weeks!

    How funny that Luke was the same way!


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