I made friends!

My husband likes to call me antisocial.  I guess in some ways I am, but I’d rather call it being shy.  I’m strange, I guess.  In a work situation? Not shy at all.  Well, I am, but I can easily or not so easily get over it and just do what I’m supposed to do to get things done, but in a social environment?  I’m shy.  Rob can talk to anyone and make friends in seconds….me?  Not so much.  I have to warm up to people and I have to get the courage to strike up a conversation.  It took me a year to talk to my old neighbors and even that took some major pressing from Rob, but finally one day, I did and we became good friends fast and are even friends still.  And then we moved.

On both sides of us there are couples our age, with children all around the same age.  When Rob saw them outside, he would strike up a conversation every time.  Me?  I would just wave and say hi.  At the end of last summer I did talk to the one neighbor a few times and I even instigated it by walking over to the fence.

Since these last few days have been warmer, I have noticed both moms outside with their kids, all boys by the way except one.  Yes, there are seven boys between the 3 houses and then one baby girl.  Both these girls are also stay at home moms and I’ve noticed that the two older boys who are in school walk to school together every day.  I noticed this last fall when school started and I thought it was so sweet.  Luke and I would watch from the window as the oldest boy from the house on our left would walk down to get the oldest boy of that house (but younger than him) and then they walk down to school together which is right at the end of our street.  Then when noon rolls around, all the younger kids that are not in school walk with that mom to get her son, and then at the end of the full day, they all walk down to meet the older boy.  I loved watching this with Luke because one day, it will be him walking with these kids.  The rest of the boys are all Luke’s age, so they will all start school around the same time and then Gavin and the baby girl are only a year apart.

So anyway, last night Rob and I noticed they were having a cook out with all the kids at our neighbors on the right, and we were like, “Aw man, we want to be invited!”  We probably would have been invited but we haven’t been outside too much, while the weather hasn’t been too awful, I still feel it’s a little chilly to bring Gavin out so at least during the day we’ve still been trapped inside.  Then today I noticed them all outside again.  I saw the sun was shining and the weather was mild and I said to myself, “I am getting these boys out there, I AM GOING TO MAKE FRIENDS WITH THESE MOMS!!”

So out we went!  And friends were made!  And Luke had a blast playing with all the boys.  And and and!  By the time Rob got home from work, I had both moms in my yard and all their kids in our driveway playing hockey with Luke.

I’m not going to lie, when I knew it was almost time for Rob to get home, I said in my head, “Rob is going to be so proud of me!”

It was also nice to get out there and talk to some other moms and be OUT OF THE HOUSE.  AND THERE WAS SUNSHINE!

I love sunshine.

I also loved watching Luke make friends and running, playing, and just being with these kids that he could potentially grow up with.

I think we are going to have a great summer!

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  1. I hear you. It’s hard for me to make friends with strangers and strike up conversations out the blue too. Good for you for going for it!

  2. That is so awesome!

  3. jc

     /  May 8, 2011

    I’m always surprised when I hear you say this because I know how much people absolutely love you and I also know what a great friend you are. You give people a great gift by letting them get to know you! And…what a blessing to have good neighbors!

  4. Yay! I love making new friends with kids the same age as my son. BUT, I have to say, I have never had good luck with my next door neighbors (anywhere I’ve lived). Sometimes it seems like it gets too close for comfort. But it works fine with neighbors not quite so close. Hopefully YOU won’t develop that issue. 😉


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