I do know it’s May

Sometimes I have to check my phone to see what day it is.  It happened this morning and it happened last week one day so if you can just imagine for a minute how scatter brained I am then you can understand why my blog might be suffering as well.  Consider this a scatter brained post.

My hair has been in a messy bun on top my head since Friday and while I have showered here and there since Friday, I still continue to only put it in a bun like that because it’s easy.  But yesterday I’m pretty sure I didn’t even take it out to brush it so it looked pretty awesome especially after I put a head band on.  And I went to Target like that.  I did take it out to brush it today though.  So no, I didn’t shower yet today.

I’m putting together something for someone and I want it to be special and quaint and unique and awesome, but it does not feel like it’s going to be that way.  I’m probably over thinking it and it will end up being wonderful.  I hope.  I hope she thinks so.

I actually like to watch Scooby-Doo so I’m glad Luke does too.

I forgot to mention that the night Gavin was born and Rob had to help me get my socks and shoes, he brought me black dress socks.  Do you know how hard it is for me to find black dress socks when I’m looking through my two sock drawers?  HARD.  Leave it to Rob to find them while frantic.  So yeah, I wore black dress socks to the hospital.  I really wanted to say, wait I’m not wearing these, but my fear of giving birth at home happens to override my fear of black dress socks and my Merrells so I got over it.  Besides, I knew I had packed my shamrock socks in my hospital bag (for good luck!), so there.  If you have read my blog for a while, you know how I feel about socks.

Rob is working third shift this week and he worked second shift last weekend so I’ve done bed time alone for 4 days straight and I have 2 more nights to go and I really hate doing it alone.  So after a few nights of Luke telling me he’s not sleepy and Gavin crying for me from downstairs…I just take Luke to bed with me, Gavin rides side car in his bouncy and we all go to sleep.  This is not going to be good next week when Luke has to go back to his own bed.  I suck.  Mommy failure.  This will guarantee Luke is still living with me when he’s 37 and he’ll be all, “Don’t cut my PB&J on diagonal, MOM!”  And so I won’t.  I’m assuming everyone reading this knows how pissed off Luke gets when I don’t cut his PB&J correctly.

Last week Thursday when we were at the park and there were those older kids there that I mentioned in this post…it just occurred to me yesterday when we were at the park again, why are these kids not in school?

When Rob gets home from work and it’s nice outside, we try to go outside for a while before dinner.  Then we all come in and eat dinner and by then we might have a 30 minute time span to go outside again before pj’s and winding down time.  It seems that our neighbors are outside the entire evening and I just wonder what I’m doing wrong because when do they eat?  If I had my choice (and I actually LOVE to cook) I would never make dinner in the summer and I would MUCH RATHER be outside all evening long and not even have to worry about it.

What are you eating for dinner tonight?  Just curious.

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  1. I’ve been scattered recently, too, and I’m not even taking care of more than one kid. 🙂

    The black socks makes me laugh.

  2. michelle

     /  May 18, 2011

    shrimp on the grill wrapped with bacon, zucchini and yellow peppers with BBQ sauce.

  3. I never made lists until after I birthed a second child. Now I make a list every morning and carry a pocket calendar in my bag. That’s why I’m a stickler for my weekly and at times biweekly menu.

    Doing night time with two is hard work! And if Luke is 37 and still sleeping with you and eating a PB&J at a diagonal…. that will be fine too! 🙂 I have those night too. Both kids and I will pile into my bed. Not a thing wrong with it in my book.

    Dinner was grilled chicken and roasted carrots & broccoli

  4. jc

     /  May 20, 2011

    she’ll love it.
    and i dont want to eat dinner in the summer either. sandwiches for this family and i’ll have cut up veggies and dip ready for easy access!

  5. A

     /  May 21, 2011

    Bwahahaha …the image of Luke living with you when he’s 37, bitching about your sandwich cutting CRACKS ME UP. Only because he’ll really just be retiring from the NHL and will have plenty of cash money to pay someone to cut is sandwiches just so. 🙂


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