Mamma Mia!

It’s Saturday night.  Luke fell asleep on his own at 8:15 and Gavin has been asleep since 9:30 in his crib!  Yep!  He’s been in his crib the last few nights and so far so good.  So what am I doing?  Eh, scrolling the internet.  Looking up music.  Before I had kids, I used to spend hours on the internet downloading music.  Tonight I just spent  two hours listening to old songs that I had forgotten about.  Music = memories for me.  That can be good, and that can be bad.  But mostly it’s nostalgic.  (I have a whole post about this that I will write) I don’t have the time anymore.  Not now anyway…no time to investigate and research new artists and new songs.  If I happen to hear a new song here and there then I might come across a new artist but not like it used to be.  But I’m okay with that.  Baby snuggles and watching Luke run at the park is just as satisfying at this time in my life.

Everyone is always asking me if Gavin looks like Luke so tonight in my time of boredom, I did a little digging on the old blog here to find out.

Here is Luke at 2 months old:









And here is Gavin at two months old:








They definitely look like brothers!  Gavin still seems a little more dark complected, you know Italian* and everything, and also I didn’t realize that Luke’s hair had already started lightening up at that point, so Gavin’s hair is still quite dark for now.

It seems to going okay with the two kids.  I think that the time for myself is very limited and when I do have the time like right now, it’s hard for me to write a blog post.  It’s easier for me to stare mindlessly at the TV or go to sleep because I’m so very tired, or just scroll facebook and twitter.  This does not mean I’m giving up the blog.  I don’t think I ever could, it just means I have a bazillion blog posts in my head but realize trying to put them together to sound like I want them to is too much effort.  So my blog will consist of posts like this for awhile.  That’s cool, it’s my blog, right?

Anyway, Randy Travis music will always remind me of my great grandmother, specifically Diggin’ Up Bones.  We used to play cards and she would cuss in German when I beat her and she had the prettiest blue eyes.  I listened to that song tonight and thought of her.  I always like to say I don’t like country music.  But I love MUSIC.  And it’s not the genre, it’s the song.  And sometimes I can’t help myself.  Because it’s the memory I’m attached to and I can’t let that go.

Oh well, it’s time for bed now.

*I know I mentioned this on twitter, but I’m not sure I wrote it on the blog:  My MIL told me how she can’t get over how much Gavin looks like me and my dad and our Italian background.  This made me giggle because I AM NOT ITALIAN whatsoever and my maiden begins with an McC!  hehehe.  Anyway, it was a fun chuckle and one I can’t seem to stop laughing about.

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  1. Oh my goodness, that Italian comment CRACKS ME UP! Did you correct her?


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