Yes, No, Maybe So

There are some days when the talking never stops.  I mean it is nonstop, “WHY?” and “What that do?”, and “Where are you going?”  And GOD FORBID I go without him.

Today was one of those days.

But that’s not all.  I have learned very quickly recently to not tell Luke when someone is coming over ahead of time.  Nope, it’s easier to just wait until who ever it is coming over is AT THE DOOR.

“Are they here yet?”  “Are they here yet?”  “ARE THEY HERE YET?”

I run out of answers when they are not here yet.  No never seems to do the trick.

Same thing happened tonight during dinner, and the trick I use above, which is not really a trick but more like just leaving out information, does not work with dinner because I can’t make dinner secretly, people.  Anyway, I like to let Luke help with dinner if I can so then he it will distract him but tonight that didn’t work.  All that did was spark his interest about how cheese is made and why does the oven get hot.

“Is dinner ready?”  “Now?”  “NOW?”  “Is dinner ready now, MOTHER?”  Repeat that 336 times and you might be close to how many times Luke said that to me tonight but not close enough.

It was then that I thought in my next house I’m going to ask for a padded kitchen with a door that locks.  So at least when I’m in the padded room, I can still be productive.  Except, I’m not planning on moving, but I can still dream.

It was chicken parmigiana night, if you were wondering.
































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  1. Good to know I’m not alone in the 20 million questions each day…and I get why there are questions, but also? I know she’s not listening to my answers most of the time anyway. I am officially talking to myself half the time because she is already on to the next question. I have become my mother.

  2. He is so big!

  3. A padded kitchen! HAHAHAHA! You are so funny. Dinner looks great. And Luke looks like such a big boy!


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