The Pioneer Woman is doing a photo submission this week for pictures taken with your cell phone.  I love when she does those, being a person in love with photography it’s so neat to see all the different submissions.

I don’t submit anything but it reminded me of a picture I took of Luke with my cell phone.  I almost lost the photo but I happened to go through all my pictures before I got my new phone and I’m so glad I did.  Of any professional pictures he’s ever had taken or any picture I have taken, this one is my absolute favorite.

I think it’s the teeth.

He’s such a big boy now.  He’s this close to making his own bowl of cereal if I could trust him with a full gallon of milk.  It’s still a bit heavy for him.

But I’m realizing fast that he’s no longer a baby, he’s no longer even a toddler.  He’s just a boy.  A little boy growing too fast.

Last week I was going somewhere and he was crying to go with me but I couldn’t take him.  He begged me to stay and said, “I never want you to leave me.”

“Oh Lukey, someday you will want to leave me and then mommy will be sad.”  I told him.

“I never want it to be that way, Mommy.”

Oh man.

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  1. This kills me.

  2. Michelle

     /  July 15, 2011

    Lump in my throat…

  3. Michelle

     /  July 15, 2011

    you submit photos BTW, why not?

  4. itsybitsymama

     /  July 20, 2011

    Wow. So sweet!

  5. And now I’m sniffling at my desk. Thanks a lot, Luke! 😉


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