Beach Babe

We had a good weekend. We had a visitor, my cousin. One of Luke’s favorite people. Seeing Luke happy makes me happy.

We went to the beach. I love Lake Michigan.



Luke still hates the beach but he loved the boats. I just don’t get how my child could hate the beach. Oh well.

I also got a new phone and I am loving it. This week is going to be photo week. A picture everyday.

It will probably bore you but it will be fun for me. Let’s all have a good week.

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  1. Ren was scared of waves when we took him to the ocean, but he liked the lake! Kids are weird. I’m sure Luke will get used to it eventually. =)

  2. Michelle

     /  July 18, 2011

    I love these shots, done with your phone?

    • Stacey

       /  July 18, 2011

      Oh yes! I’m in love with it! It’s nice to have this phone to take decent pics when I don’t want to take my Nikon to the beach or when it’s too big to carry around!

  3. When did you go? We went to South Haven yesterday (state park beach). Good day for it, but when we climbed the dunes, I’m pretty sure the temp went up about 10 degrees!

    • Stacey

       /  July 18, 2011

      We went to Holland State Park. I swear the temp was different from the 30 feet we were back from the water than by the actual water. And the water was FREEZING!!!

      • The water was freezing in South Haven, too. It was actually painful to stand in, and I never fully got used to it.

        We always prefer the state park beach in South Haven to the public one, but now with that recreation pass, the state park seemed much busier!

        I’ve never been to the Holland state park, but we stayed at Hoffmeister in Muskegon a couple years ago and LOVED it.

      • Stacey

         /  July 18, 2011

        Hoffmaster is so nice! Love it for camping. Yes, the water was painful to stand in. So we were hot but couldn’t go swimming.

  4. Michelle

     /  July 18, 2011

    We went to Duck Lake in Muskegon yesterday, I did go in the water, but it was painful if I got away from where the lake emptied into Lake Michigan.


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